Pseudopecoeloides Yamaguti, 1940

Aken'Ova, Thelma, Cribb, Thomas & Bray, Rodney, 2009, Seven species of Pseudopecoeloides Yamaguti, 1940 (Digenea, Opecoelidae) from temperate marine fishes of Australia, including five new species, ZooKeys 5 (5), pp. 1-32 : 3

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Pseudopecoeloides Yamaguti, 1940


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Species of Pseudopecoeloides can be divided into two morphological groups based on their sucker ratios, as follows:

Group A. Species with the oral sucker larger than the ventral sucker: P. tenuis Yamaguti, 1940 from Priacanthidae and Carangidae , in the Indo-West Pacific Region and Great Australian Bight; P. tenuoides Martin, 1960 from Priacanthidae and Acanthuridae , off Hawaii; P. boops Yamaguti, 1970 from Priacanthidae and Champsodontidae , off Hawaii and Mozambique; P. opelu Yamaguti, 1970 from the mackerel scad Decapterus macarellus (Cuvier) , Carangidae , off Hawaii; P. parviacetabulus Yamaguti, 1970 from the bigeye scad Selar crumenophthalmus (Bloch) , Carangidae , off Hawaii; P. wekeula Yamaguti, 1970 from Mullidae and Chaetodontidae , off Hawaii and the Seychelles; P. chloroscombri ( Fischthal & Thomas, 1970) Bartoli, Gibson & Bray, 2003 from the Atlantic bumper Chloroscombrus chrysurus Girard and horse mackerels Trachurus spp., Carangidae , Western Mediterranean Sea, eastern Atlantic Ocean; P. orientalis Gupta & Ahmad, 1978 from the longbarbel goatfish Parupeneus macronemus (Lacepède) , Mullidae, Bay of Bengal; P. puriensis Ahmad, 1978 from Parupeneus macronemus , Mullidae, Bay of Bengal; P. psettodi Parukhin, 1983 from the Indian spiny turbot Psettodes erumei (Bloch & Schneider) , Psettodidae , Mozambique Channel; and P. astrocongeneris Shen, 1989 from the whitespotted conger Conger myriaster (Brevoort) , Congridae , East China Sea; P. dayawanensis Shen & Tong, 1990 from the Malabar trevally Carangoides malabaricus (Bloch & Schneider) , Carangidae , South China Sea; and P. capucini Toman, 1992 from Pseudupeneus sp., Mullidae , off Seychelles.

Group B. Species with the oral sucker the same size as or smaller than the ventral sucker: P. carangis ( Yamaguti, 1938) mainly from Carangidae , but also recorded in Champsodontidae , Gempylidae , Mullidae , Polynemidae , Sciaenidae and Sphyraenidae , widespread in tropical and subtropical warm waters of all oceans; P. gracilis Manter, 1947 from Carangidae (mainly) and Apogonidae, Gulf of Mexico and adjacent waters; P. akule Yamaguti, 1970 from Carangidae and Champsodontidae , off Hawaii and Mozambique; P. scomberi Hafeezullah, 1971 from Scomberoides spp., Carangidae , off India and Malaysia; and P. mugilis Shen, 1990 from the largescale mullet Liza macrolepis (Smith) , Mugilidae , South China Sea.

Comment: In describing some new species, Yamaguti (1970) stated that the relative positions of the ovary and the testes were consistent and useful in the separation of species, except in contracted specimens. This view is followed here, and, in addition, the extent of the post-testicular area has been found to be a useful criterion.

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