Libnotes (Libnotes) pseudonohirai, Men, 2015

Men, Qiulei, Sun, Mengwei & Starkevich, Pavel, 2018, Comparative morphological study of reproductive system between Tipulidae and Limoniidae (Diptera: Tipuloidea), Zoological Systematics 43 (1), pp. 89-102 : 91

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Libnotes (Libnotes) pseudonohirai


3.1 Libnotes (Libnotes) pseudonohirai

3.1. 1 Male reproductive system

Hypopygium. Ninth tergite rounded at caudal margin in dorsal view ( Fig. 1 View Figures 1–5 ). Gonocoxite thin in dorsal view but broad in lateral view ( Figs 1, 3 View Figures 1–5 ), slightly longer than inner gonostylus, with finger-shaped ventromesal lobe broad and elongate, almost reaching end of aedeagus ( Figs 1–3 View Figures 1–5 ). Inner gonostylus with two parts in lateral view, the ventral part triangular, and the dorsal part bifurcated forming two prominences, the upper prominence long with a wisp of long setae at apex, the lower prominence short, densely covered with strong setae ( Fig. 3 View Figures 1–5 ). Outer gonostylus hook-shaped, curved at end, expanded at basal one-third ( Figs 1–3 View Figures 1–5 ). Paramere leaf-shaped with a median ridge, straight at inner margins ( Fig. 4 View Figures 1–5 ). Aedeagus relatively thick, bifid at apex ( Fig. 4 View Figures 1–5 ).

Internal reproductive system. Consisting of a pair of accessory glands generating from the distal end of ejaculatory duct, a pair of seminal vesicles, a pair of vasa deferentia linking to paired testes ( Fig. 5 View Figures 1–5 ). Ejaculatory duct relatively short, flexible, basally slender and gradually thick to apical end. Seminal vesicle paired, relatively thick and expanded, leading to the proximal end of vas deferens, running posterior to a narrowed duct which arising from the apex of ejaculatory duct. Accessory glands being a pair of tubular purses, simple, expanded medially, arising from base of seminal vesicle, subequal to seminal vesicle in length. Vas deferens flexible, tough, slightly shorter than seminal vesicle. Testis, an elliptical structure with grided surface, arising from the termination of vas deferens ( Fig. 5 View Figures 1–5 ).