Lycaena icarus Rott. F. wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911

Korb, Stanislav K., 2018, On the blue butterfly taxa established by L. G. Courvoisier with the type locality “ Narün ” (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae), Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 589-594: 590

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Lycaena icarus Rott. F. wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911


Lycaena icarus Rott. F. wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911  ( figs. 4, 5View FIGURES 1–15, 16BView FIGURE 16)

Courvoisier, 1911a: 141; 1911b: 105, type locality: “Herrn Dr. M. Wiskott aus Narün”.

[ Lycaena  ] Venus St. f. Wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911  . Courvoisier, 1913: 291.

The type series contain 3 syntypes. To preserve the nomenclatural stability, I designate here the lectotype of Lycaena icarus Rott. f. wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911  , a male specimen ( figs. 4, 5View FIGURES 1–15), fully identical to the one figured by L.G. Courvoisier (1911b: pl. 2, fig. 7View FIGURES 1–15), labelled: pink paper, printed “ TYPUS ”; pink paper, handwritten “Narün | 1909 Wisk.”.

Two other syntype specimens (females) are designated here as paralectotypes.

The comparison of P. icarus wiskotti  and P. venus  lectotypes ( figs. 1, 2, 4, 5View FIGURES 1–15) with no doubts show: they are two different species, the taxon wiskotti  cannot be included into P. venus  : they differ in wings upperside ground color tone and pattern ( P. venus  has a black discal spot on the forewing, whereas P. icarus  does not have it; P. venus  has black marginal spots on the hindwing, P. icarus  does not have them; etc.), in wings underside pattern ( P. venus  has two subbasal spots in discal cell on the forewing, P. icarus  has only one such spot; subtornal spots in P. venus  are almost red, in P. icarus  they are almost orange; etc.). Due to this reason the subspecies P. venus markusha Korb, 2014  from Inner Tian-Shan was described ( Korb, 2014). Thus, I concluded that the subspecies P. icarus wiskotti  which was described from the South-Eastern Russia is clearly a synonym of the nominate subspecies: P. icarus icarus (Rottemburg, 1775)  = P. icarus wiskotti (Courvoisier, 1911)  , syn.n. (type locality by the lectotype designation: Narün NE from Astrakhan between rivers Volga and Ural).














Lycaena icarus Rott. F. wiskotti Courvoisier, 1911

Korb, Stanislav K. 2018



Courvoisier, 1913 : 291