Chrysophanus Phlaeas

Korb, Stanislav K., 2018, On the blue butterfly taxa established by L. G. Courvoisier with the type locality “ Narün ” (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae), Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 589-594: 590

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Chrysophanus Phlaeas


[ Chrysophanus Phlaeas  ] F. naruena Courvoisier, 1911  ( figs. 14, 15 View Figure , 16A View Figure )

Courvoisier, 1911a: 262, type locality: “aus Narün”.

The populations of Lycaena phlaeas (Linnaeus, 1761)  from the low-mountainous and middle-mountainous Central Asia were considered by some authors as nominate subspecies ( Tshikolovets, 2005), and by others as ssp. oxiana Groum-Grshimaïlo, 1890  ( Korb & Bolshakov, 2016).

The type series contain 2 syntypes. To preserve the nomenclatural stability, I designate here the lectotype of [ Chrysophanus Phlaeas  ] F. naruena Courvoisier, 1911  , a male specimen ( figs. 14, 15 View Figure ), labelled: white paper, handwritten “F. naruena  . m. 19ii. ”; pink paper, handwritten “Narün | 1909 Wisk”.

The other syntype specimen, a female, is designated here as paralectotype.

The lectotype has no differences from European specimens (it has been figured in many sources, for example:, etc., so we do not publish the images of L. phlaeas  from Europe here), thus it must be synonymized with the nominate subspecies: L. phlaeas phlaeas (Linnaeus, 1761)  = L. phlaeas naruena (Courvoisier, 1911)  , syn.n. (type locality by the lectotype designation: Narün NE from Astrakhan between rivers Volga and Ural).