Limnocythere Brady, 1867

Ramón-Mercau, Josefina, Plastani, María Sofía & Laprida, Cecilia, 2014, A review of the genus Limnocythere (Podocopida: Limnocytheridae) in the Pampean region (Argentina), with the description of a new species, Limnocythere cusminskyae sp. nov., Zootaxa 3821 (1) : -

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Limnocythere Brady, 1867


Genus Limnocythere Brady, 1867

(Type species: Cythere inopinata Baird, 1843 )

Diagnosis. Carapace laterally elongated and sexually dimorphic, with the females being stouter and shorter than the males. When viewed dorsally, the anterior end of the carapace is usually beak-shaped, while the LV overlaps the RV posteriorly. Valves with marginal pore canals unbranched and often with tubercles of variable development. Flagellated claws present on the antennules of a number of species. Hemipenis with three uropodal setae, a movable trabecule, and a clasping organ with two rami; the lower ramus, consisting of a lateral process and a hooklike process, and the upper ramus, either reduced to an elongated tentacle or absent.