Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis Bauer & Das, 1998

Grismer, Lee, Wood, Perry L., Anuar, Shahrul, Riyanto, Awal, Ahmad, Norhayati, Muin, Mohd A., Sumontha, Montri, Grismer, Jesse L., Onn, Chan Kin, Quah, Evan S. H. & Pauwels, Olivier S. A., 2014, Systematics and natural history of Southeast Asian Rock Geckos (genus Cnemaspis Strauch, 1887) with descriptions of eight new species from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, Zootaxa 3880 (1), pp. 1-147 : 40-42

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3880.1.1

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Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis Bauer & Das, 1998


Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis Bauer & Das, 1998

Chanthaburi Rock Gecko

Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15

Cnemaspis sp. A Dring 1979:220

Holotype. FMNH 215979 View Materials . Type locality: “ Khao Soi Daow ( Dao ) Wildlife Sanctuary , Pongnomron (Pong Nam Ron), Chanthaburi Province, Thailand (approximately) 13°00’N, 102°05’E)” at 100 m in elevation. GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. Maximum SVL 42.2 mm; 8–10 supralabials; 7–10 infralabials; smooth ventral scales; 6–9 contiguous pore-bearing precloacal scales with elongate or round pores; 21–25 paravertebral tubercles; tubercles linearly arranged; caudal tubercles not restricted to a single paravertebral row nor encircling tail; tubercles in lateral caudal furrows; lateral row of tubercles present; subcaudals smooth, median row of scales ranging from not enlarged to weakly enlarged or only weakly enlarged posteriorly only; 1–3 postcloacal tubercles on each side; no enlarged femoral, subtibial or submetatarsal scales on first toe; subtibials smooth to weakly keeled; 22–29 subdigital fourth toe lamellae; in males gular region, throat, abdomen, and subcaudal region orange (Tables 6,7).

Color pattern ( Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15 ). Ground color of top of head and rostrum yellowish; ground color yellowish dorsally on body, grayish on flank transitioning to orangish on tail; dorsum bearing alternating distinct light and smaller indistinct dark vertebral and paravertebral markings; light vertebral markings sometimes fused to form an irregularly shaped stripe; light markings form yellowish caudal bands; limbs bearing cream colored bands alternating with small, irregularly shaped black markings; chin, abdomen, and subcaudal region usually orange.

Distribution. Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis is known from Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Pong Nam Ron District, Chanthaburi Province; Khao Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Chon Buri Province; Khao Kitchakoot National Park, Chanthaburi Province; Khao Wong, Rayong Province; and Suan Kaset, Muang District and Namtok Pliieu, Chanthaburi Province in southeastern Thailand and from the base of Phnom Samkos, Phnom Dalai, and O’Som in the Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary of the Cardamom Mountains in southwestern Cambodia ( Bauer & Das 1998; Grismer et al. 2008c,d; Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 ).

Natural history. Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis is a small, secretive species restricted to hilly primary forests ( Fig. 16 View FIGURE 16 ) and ranges from near sea level to at least 968 m in elevation ( Grismer et al. 2008d; Neang et al. 2010). Unlike most other species of Cnemaspis , C. chanthaburiensis is terrestrial and lizards are commonly found during the day inactive beneath and within logs and beneath loose bark on the forest floor ( Neang et al. 2010). On two occasions we have even collected specimens from the fly covers of our tents ( Grismer et al. 2008d). We have found gravid females carrying two eggs during August.

Relationships. Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis is the basal lineage of the chanthaburiensis group ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ).

Material examined. Thailand: Chanthaburi Province, Pongnomron (Pong Nam Ron) District , Khao Soi Daouw (Dao) Wildlife Sanctuary, FMNH 215979 View Materials (holotype) and FMNH 191479 View Materials (paratype) ; Chantaburi Province, BMNH 1917.5 .14.4 (paratype); Chon Buri Province, Khao Khiew (Khieo) Wildlife Sanctuary, FMNH 215978 View Materials (paratype) ; Chantaburi Province, Suan Kaset, Muang District , FMNH 215980 View Materials (paratype) . Material examined since Grismer et al. (2010): Cambodia: Phnom Samkos, Pursat Province, Cardamom Mountains LSUHC 7882 View Materials , Phnom Dalai 9337–38, near O’Som LSUHC 10110–11 View Materials . Thailand: Chantaburi Province, Khao Khitchakut NP LSUHC 9507–08 View Materials .














Cnemaspis chanthaburiensis Bauer & Das, 1998

Grismer, Lee, Wood, Perry L., Anuar, Shahrul, Riyanto, Awal, Ahmad, Norhayati, Muin, Mohd A., Sumontha, Montri, Grismer, Jesse L., Onn, Chan Kin, Quah, Evan S. H. & Pauwels, Olivier S. A. 2014

Cnemaspis sp. A Dring 1979:220

Dring, J. C. 1979: 220
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