Carrasco, Juan Carlos, Caballero-Serrano, Veronica & Baňař, Petr, 2020, First record of Systelloderes (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Enicocephalidae) from Ecuador with a list of Ecuadorian Enicocephalomorpha, Zootaxa 4803 (2), pp. 393-396: 394

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Systelloderes  sp.

( Figs 1–3View FIGURES 1–3)

Material examined. 1 female, Ecuador, Pastaza province  , Mera Canton, Alpayacu river bank, 1º27’19”S, 78º06’19”W, 1094 m a.s.l., vi. 2019, hand collected on river bank (deposited in the insect collection of the Entomology Laboratory of Natural Resources Faculty, Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo)GoogleMaps  .

Description. Submacropterous female. Total body length 3.20 mm. Pronotum light brown, head ( Figs 1–3View FIGURES 1–3) brown, conspicuously darker than the pronotum, rest of thorax and forewings brown, legs, labium and antennae paler, light brown ( Fig. 2View FIGURES 1–3); abdomen whitish, much paler than rest of body ( Fig. 1View FIGURES 1–3). Eyes of moderate size, posterior lobe of head sub-rectangular, ocelli large. Labium robust and long. Antennae relatively short, antennal formula: III>II>IV>I. Middle lobe of pronotum robust, widest in anterior third, inconspicuously narrowing posteriorly, with conspicuous longitudinal impression, hind lobe short, markedly widening posteriorly. Fore wings reaching two thirds of abdominal length in ethanol preserved, somewhat macerated specimen ( Fig 1View FIGURES 1–3). Fore legs stout, with apicitibial armature consisting of seven spiniform setae, arranged typically for genus (see Wygodzinsky & Schmidt 1991). Fore tarsal armature consists of four (2 + 2 spiniform setae). Outer claws of fore leg shorter than inner ones. Abdomen not studied in detail.