Macrosiphum ptericolens Patch, 1919,

Albrecht, Anders Christian, 2015, Identification guide to Nordic aphids associated with mosses, horsetails and ferns (Bryophyta, Equisetophyta, Polypodiophyta) (Insecta, Hemiptera, Aphidoidea), European Journal of Taxonomy 145, pp. 1-55: 43

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Macrosiphum ptericolens Patch, 1919


Macrosiphum ptericolens Patch, 1919 


Diagnosis based on Blackman & Eastop (2006). Rostrum IV+V more than 0.14 mm long. Aptera 2.3– 3.3 mm, yellowish green to dark green. Siphunculi slender, tapering distally. Holocyclic, monoecious.

Recorded host

Dennstaedtiaceae  : Pteridium aquilinum  .

CBC. Lateral frontal tubercles with parallel or converging inner margins