Syringophiloidus Kethley

Sikora, Bozena, Kaszewska, Katarzyna & Skoracki, Maciej, 2014, Two new quill mites of the family Syringophilidae (Acari: Prostigmata) parasitising the tapaculos (Passeriformes: Rhinocryptidae) in South America, Zootaxa 3895 (3), pp. 419-426 : 420

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Syringophiloidus Kethley


Genus Syringophiloidus Kethley  

To date, this genus has included 38 species inhabiting quills of the wing and tail feathers ( Skoracki 2011). Members of the genus Syringophiloidus   are associated with birds of the orders: Passeriformes   (35 species), Piciformes (1 species, found also on passerines), Trogoniformes (1 species) and Apodiformes (1 species) ( Skoracki et al. 2012, 2013; Glowska et al. 2012; Glowska & Schmidt 2014). Below we give a description of a new species which is the second representative of the genus Syringophiloidus   parasitising birds of the family Rhinocryptidae   .