Belisana champasakensis, Yao, Zhiyuan & Li, Shuqiang, 2013

Yao, Zhiyuan & Li, Shuqiang, 2013, New and little known pholcid spiders (Araneae: Pholcidae) from Laos, Zootaxa 3709 (1), pp. 1-51 : 5

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3709.1.1

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Belisana champasakensis

sp. nov.

Belisana champasakensis View in CoL sp. nov.

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Type material. Holotype: Male ( IZCAS), underside of leaves, Tad Etu [15°11.526′N, 106°06.209′E, alt. 930 m], Champasak, Laos, 18 November 2012, leg. Z. Yao (Yao-LA 021–025).

Etymology. The specific name refers to the type locality; adjective.

Diagnosis. The species resembles B. sepaku ( Huber 2005a: 74, figs 432–436 and 444–448), but can be distinguished by green lateral margins on dorsal shield of prosoma ( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 C–E), long, curved, distal apophyses of male chelicerae ( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 B and 3C), large subdistal sclerite of procursus ( Figs 1 View FIGURE 1 A, C and 3A) and different position of membranous flap ( Figs 1 View FIGURE 1 B, D and 3B).

Description. Male (holotype): Total length 2.01 (2.09 with clypeus), prosoma 0.66 long, 0.81 wide, opisthosoma 1.35 long, 0.65 wide. Legs I and II lost, leg III: 8.06 (2.20 + 0.26 + 1.90 + 2.95 + 0.75), leg IV: 11.20 (3.15 + 0.35 + 2.75 + 4.10 + 0.85). Habitus as in Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 C–E. Dorsal shield of prosoma whitish, with green lateral margins; sternum whitish, without marks. Legs III and IV yellowish, but dark brown on patellae and tibiametatarsus joints, without darker rings. Opisthosoma whitish, with round and elongated dark marks dorsally. Distance PME-PME 0.15, diameter PME 0.08, distance PME-ALE 0.02, AME absent. Ocular area not elevated. Thoracic furrow absent. Sternum wider than long (0.54/0.51). Chelicerae as in Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 B and 3C, with a pair of thumb-shaped apophyses proximally and a pair of long, curved apophyses distally (distance between tips: 0.43). Pedipalpi as in Figs 1 View FIGURE 1 A–B and 3A–B; trochanter with a short retrolatero-ventral apophysis; femur with a dorsal apophysis; procursus simple proximally but complex distally, with a membranous flap retrolaterally and a bent spine; bulb with a hooked apophysis and a simple embolus. Most hairs lost on legs.

Variation: Unknown.

Female: Unknown.

Distribution. Known only from the type locality ( Fig. 41 View FIGURE 41 ).


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