Ferorhinella Carvalho & Webb, 2004,

Meneghetti, Jéssica, Takiya, Daniela Maeda & Paladini, Andressa, 2019, A new species of Ferorhinella (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) from southeastern Brazil with taxonomic notes on the genus, Zootaxa 4701 (5), pp. 489-496: 490

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Ferorhinella Carvalho & Webb, 2004


Ferorhinella Carvalho & Webb, 2004 

Type species: Sphenorhina brevis Walker, 1851  (by original designation).

Diagnosis. Head in dorsal view with width between eyes 1.2 times pronotal length; vertex with distinct median carina; postclypeus slightly inflated, obtusely rounded in lateral view; medial carina broad, lateral horizontal ridges weak; rostrum reaching mid coxae. Hind tibia with eleven apical spines; metatarsus with apical spines obscured by long setae. Forewings sparsely and irregularly reticulate; A1 distinct; A2 absent. Male pygofer with lateral process between anal tube and subgenital plate; subgenital plate with acutely rounded apex; dorsal margin with cluster of very small tooth-like spines. Aedeagus slender, upright, weakly sinuate and distally curved ventrally in lateral view; apex produced into slender, ventrally inclined, apically bifid process; gonopore small, apical. Paramere robust, horizontal, broadly rounded apically; outer margin with subapical spine-like processes, which can be directed in the same or in opposite direction.