Archicolliuris Liebke, 1931,

Aston, Paul, 2016, Catalogue and Bibliography of the Hong Kong Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga), with notes on the historic boundaries of Hong Kong as related to zoological collections, Zootaxa 4121 (3), pp. 201-257: 240

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Archicolliuris Liebke, 1931


Genus Archicolliuris Liebke, 1931 

Archicolliuris  circa tetraspilota ( Schmidt-Göbel, 1846)

Identification made by Dr. Martin Baehr. Material: 1 ex. W.T.L., 12; 2 exx. W.T.L., 1.vii. 12; 1 ex. W.T.L., 3.vii. 13; 1 ex. W.T.L., 8.vii. 13. Biology: Imago found June to July. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and capable of flight.