Aston, Paul, 2016, Catalogue and Bibliography of the Hong Kong Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga), with notes on the historic boundaries of Hong Kong as related to zoological collections, Zootaxa 4121 (3), pp. 201-257 : 241-242

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Subgenus Drypta

Drypta (Drypta) lineola virgata Chaudoir, 1850

Chaudoir (1861 a & 1877) list this taxon for Hong Kong. Material: Sight record W.T., 20.i. 10; 1 ex. W.T.L., 8.ii.07; Sight record W.T., 12.ii.09; Sight record W.T., 13.ii.09, many seen; Sight record W.T., 14.ii.09; Sight record W.T., 18.ii.09; Sight record W.T., 22.ii.09; Sight record W.T.L., 3.iii. 15; Sight record W.T., 5.iii. 12; 1 ex. W.T.L., 12.iii.09; Sight record W.T., 13.iii.08; Sight record W.T.L., 16.iii. 15; Sight record W.T.L., 17.iii. 15; Sight record W.T., 26.iii.08; Sight record W.T., 2.iv.09; Sight record W.T., 4.iv.09; Sight record W.T., 7.iv.09; 1 ex. Hong Kong, Mai Po, 16.iv. 15, light trap, another 5 seen; Sight record W.T.L., 12.vi. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L 16.iv. 14; Sight record W.T.L., 30.iv. 15; 1 ex. W.T., April 2011; 1 ex. W.T., 1.v. 15; 1 ex. W.T., 6.v.06; Sight record W.T., 11.v.06; Sight record W.T., 26.v.06; Sight record, Hong Kong, Mai Po, 19.vi. 15, light trap; Sight record W.T., 14.ix.08; Sight record W.T., 25.ix.08; 1 ex. W.T., 21.ix.07; Sight record W.T., 29.ix.08; Sight record 1 ex. W.T.L., 30 .. ix. 15; Sight record 2 exx. W.T.L., 1.x. 14; Sight record W.T.L., 12.x. 13; Sight record W.T., 14.x.08; Sight record W.T.l. 16.x. 16; 1 ex. W.T.L., October 2010; Sight record W.T., 10.xi.06. Biology: Imago found September to June. Normally a quite a common species, except in the summer months (no records from the months July and August), though populations seem to fluctuate from abundant some years to absent others. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and is capable of flight, though observed on at least 2 occasions, incapable of vertically flying out of box only 8 cm deep.

A number of specimens correspond to at least three Drypta taxa, which differ in various external characters, although they could not be properly identified. A revision of this genus in needed for the Oriental Region.

Drypta ( Drypta ) sp. 1

This and the following two species are all grayish blue. This species is 13.5 mm long, has a wide, carinate pronotum and legs and antennae all testaceous. Material: 1 ex. Hong Kong, Lantau, Tung Chung valley, 1.iv. 13, netted; Ƌ Hong Kong, Lantau, Tung Chung valley, 14.iv. 13, netted; Ƌ Hong Kong, Lantau, Tung Chung valley, 22.v. 12, netted. ♀ Hong Kong, Tai Om Shan, 1.vi. 14; Single elytra found in leaf litter 20.ix. 14. Biology: Imago found April to June and probably later in well wooded areas.

Drypta ( Drypta ) sp. 2

This species is smaller 9.5 mm long with the pronotum narrowe and carinate, and has the apical half of the first and third antennemere black. Material: Ƌ W.T.L., 10.vii. 11. Biology: Imago found found July. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and capable of flight.

Drypta ( Drypta ) sp. 3

This species is 12.5 mm long and has most of antenomere 1-3, tibiae and tarsi and the apex of the femora blackish. Material: 1 ex. W.T.L., 5.iv. 15; 1 ex. Hong Kong, Ho Chung valley, 1.v. 12; 1 ex. Hong Kong, Pak Tam Chung 4.v.08 (Leg. Yiu Vor); 1 ex. W.T.L., 10.vii. 15. Biology: Imago found April to July. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and capable of flight.













Aston, Paul 2016

Drypta (Drypta) lineola virgata

Chaudoir 1850