Paratachys Casey, 1918

Aston, Paul, 2016, Catalogue and Bibliography of the Hong Kong Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga), with notes on the historic boundaries of Hong Kong as related to zoological collections, Zootaxa 4121 (3), pp. 201-257 : 218

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Paratachys Casey, 1918


Subgenus Paratachys Casey, 1918

Tachys (Paratachys) fasciatus Motschulsky, 1851

New record for Hong Kong. This widespread species was determined using Terada et al. (2013). Material: 1 ex. W.T.L., 26.ii. 15; 4 exx. Hong Kong, Lantau, Mui Wo, 24.iii. 13 mud in Buffalo wallow; 1 ex. W.T.L., 12.v. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L 22.v. 15; 2 exx. Hong Kong, Sha Lo Tung, 28.v. 15 (Leg. G.T.Reels); Ƌ W.T.L., 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 15; Ƌ W.T.L., 11.vii. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 10.vii. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 30.ix. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 25.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 27.x.08; 1 ex. W.T.L., October 2010; ♀ W.T.L., 28.xi. 14. Biology: Imago found February to November. Lives in mud, or (at least in March) tending to disperse in October when conditions dry out. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged.

Tachys (Paratachys) plagiatus sexmaculatus Andrewes, 1925

Another widespread species, new for Hong Kong. Determined to species and subgenera from Terada et al. (2013) and Jedlièka (1965 b). Material: 1 ex. W.T.L., 21.iii.09; 1 ex. W.T.L., 20.iv. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 21.iv. 15; Sight record W.T.L., 25.iv. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 12.v.08; Sight record W.T.L., 15; 2 ex. W.T.L., 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 12; Sight record 2 exx. W.T.L., 15; sight record W.T.L., 15 ;; 1 ex. W.T.L., 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 8.vii.09; 3 exx. W.T.L., 10.vii. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 17.vii. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 21.viii.08; 1 ex. W.T.L., 21.ix. 11; ♀ W.T.L., 26.ix. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 28.ix. 15; 2 exx. W.T., September 2011; 1 ex. W.T.L., 17.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 22.x. 14; Sight record 3 exx. W.T.L., 24.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 25.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., October 2010. Biology: Imago found March to October. Can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and readily flies.

Tachys (Paratachys) pseudosericeus Kirschenhofer, 1986

Kirschenhofer (1986 a) described this species from a male specimen collected in Hong Kong on 29 th February 1928, by Eigin Suenson ( Kirschenhofer 1986 a). Hua (2002) lists this species for Hong Kong. Kopecky (2003) does not list this species in the original publication, though it is included in an on line errata of this work as occurring in Hong Kong and Shanghai. This specimen matches perfectly with Kirschenhoffer’s description and illustration of this species. It is quite distinctive with the thread like antennae and large size. Material: 1 ex. Hong Kong, Ping Shan Chai 12.vii. 14 – 26.vii. 14, Malaise Trap PSC 1. (Leg. C. Barthelemy). Biology: Imago found February and July, presumably can fly as caught in a Malaise trap.

I have collected a large number of specimens possibly represent at least 5 more species belonging to subgenus Paratachys . A revision of this subgenus in the Oriental Region is badly needed.












Paratachys Casey, 1918

Aston, Paul 2016

Tachys (Paratachys) pseudosericeus

Kirschenhofer 1986

Tachys (Paratachys) plagiatus sexmaculatus

Andrewes 1925

Tachys (Paratachys) fasciatus

Motschulsky 1851