Hypodioryche Schauberger, 1935,

Aston, Paul, 2016, Catalogue and Bibliography of the Hong Kong Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga), with notes on the historic boundaries of Hong Kong as related to zoological collections, Zootaxa 4121 (3), pp. 201-257: 229

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Hypodioryche Schauberger, 1935


Subgenus Hypodioryche Schauberger, 1935 

Dioryche (Hypodioryche) clara Andrewes, 1922 

In the original description Andrewes (1922 a) states that there are specimens of this species from Hong Kong in the British Museum of Natural History and in the Oxford Museum. Also listed for Hong Kong by Schauberger (1933) and Yu & Tang (2002). Kataev et al. (2003) lists it only for Taiwan and the Oriental region. Andrewes & Scott (1924) record this species for Macao. Specimen determined from Andrewes (1922 a) and confirmed by B. Kataev (pers. comm.). Material: Ƌ W.T.L., 20.viii. 13. Biology: Imago found August, Attracted to light and fully winged.

A number of Dioryche  specimens did not seem to fit the descriptions of any of the species likely to occur in Hong Kong, so they perhaps correspond to a species not yet described, or to a known species other than D. clara  . Material: Ƌ W.T.L., 24.v. 15; ♀ W.T.L., 1.vi. 15; Ƌ W.T.L., 2.vi. 15; Ƌ W.T., July 2011; ♀ W.T.L., 28.viii. 14. Biology: Imago found May to August, can be attracted to light, it is fully winged and capable of flight.