Bottchrus Jedlièka, 1935

Aston, Paul, 2016, Catalogue and Bibliography of the Hong Kong Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga), with notes on the historic boundaries of Hong Kong as related to zoological collections, Zootaxa 4121 (3), pp. 201-257 : 230

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Bottchrus Jedlièka, 1935


Subgenus Bottchrus Jedlièka, 1935

Trichotichnus (Bottchrus) birmanicus ( Bates, 1892)

Andrewes (1926), Schauberger (1934), Lee & Winney (1981) and Hua (2002) list this species as occurring in Hong Kong. Kataev et al. (2003) does not list this species as occurring in Hong Kong under the heading for this species, but under the list of synonyms of the genus Siopelus , indicating that it is found in Hong Kong. Interestingly Schauberger (1934) lists a Hong Kong specimen collected by M. Cameron. Note, this species is placed in the subgenus Bottchrus on advice from David W.,Wrase (pers. comm.) " Bellogenus and Pseudotrichotichnus are synonyms to Bottchrus ".

There is possibly another species of this subgenus in Hong Kong. Specimens key to T. birmanicus ( Bates, 1892) using Kirschenhofer (1992), but vary slightly from his illustration mainly in the tip of the male genitalia slightly more pointed apically. However David W. Wrase (pers. comm.) noted "This [new] species belongs to Bottchrus but surely not to birmanicus due to the strong puncturation of pronotum and internal sac structure of median lobe different from birmanicus .". Material: 1 ex. W.T.L., 13.ii.09; Ƌ W.T.L., 9.iii. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 5.iv. 15; 1 ex. Hong Kong, Lantau, Mui Wo, 28.iv. 10, in grass, wet area; 1 ex. W.T.L., 29.iv.06; 1 ex. Hong Kong 28.v.07 (Leg. Yiu Vor); 1 ex. W.T.L., 11.x.06; 1 ex. W.T.L., 22.x.05; 1 ex. W.T.L., 27.x.07; 1 ex. W.T.L., 29.x. 13; 1 ex. W.T.L., October 2011; 2 exx. W.T.L., October 2010; 1 ex. W.T.L., 2.xi.06; 1 ex. W.T.L., 6.xi. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 6.xi. 13; 1 ex. W.T.L., 6.xi. 13; Ƌ W.T.L., 8.xi. 10; Ƌ W.T.L., 8.xi 10 Wang Tong; Ƌ W.T.L., 9.xi. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 10.xi.07; Ƌ W.T.L., 14.xi. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 17.xi.07; Ƌ W.T.L., 18.xi.06; 1 ex. W.T.L., 22.xi. 13; 1 ex. W.T.L., 17.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T.L., 23.xi. 14; 1 ex. W.T.L., 24.xi. 13; sight record 1 ex.W.T.L., 26.x. 15; 1 ex. W.T., November 2011; 1 ex. W.T.L., November 2010; 1 ex. W.T.L. 1.xii. 15. Biology: Imago found October to May. Appears to live in wet grassy areas. Can be attracted to light, especially abundant in the late autumn when many wet areas dry up. It is fully winged.












Bottchrus Jedlièka, 1935

Aston, Paul 2016

Trichotichnus (Bottchrus) birmanicus (

Bates 1892

T. birmanicus (

Bates 1892