Lestes minutus Selys, 1862

Lencioni, F. A. A., Neiss, U. G., Dutra, S. L., Furieri, K. S., Juen, L., Batista, J. D. & Vilela, Diogo S., 2021, Synopsis of Lestes from Brazil with description of Lestes demarcoi sp. nov (Zygoptera: Lestidae), Zootaxa 4990 (3), pp. 511-541 : 519-520

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4990.3.4

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Lestes minutus Selys, 1862


Lestes minutus Selys, 1862 View in CoL

Fig. 08 (♂ —App), Fig. 21 View FIGURE 21 (♂ —habitus), Fig. 29 View FIGURE 29 (♀ —habitus), Fig. 37 View FIGURE 37 (C— ♀ S8–S10), Fig. 39 View FIGURE 39 (C— ♀ basal plate), Fig. 40 View FIGURE 40 (H— ♀ pectoral color pattern).

Etymology: minutus = Latin for minute, tiny.

Lestes minuta Selys, 1862: 305 (description of male, distribution); Kirby 1890: 161 (data on species description and distribution); Davies & Tobin 1984: 32 (data on publication and distribution); De Marmels 1990: 336 (presence in Venezuela as L. mediorufus Calvert, 1909 View in CoL ); Bridges, 1994: (VII) 155 (data on publication, type depository, type locality and references); Lencioni 2005: 96, Fig. 55 (A–C) (data on description, data on type locality, data on type deposition, data on distribution, data on larval description, synonymy with L. mediorufus View in CoL , illustrations of appendages in lateral and mediodorsal views, thorax in ventral view form Calvert 1909); Costa et al. 2006: 60–61, Fig. 26 View FIGURE 26 (appendages dorsal view, key for adult males); Garrison et al. 2010: 117 (data on species); Lencioni 2017: 109–110, Fig. 44A–E View FIGURE 44 , 45A–B (data on description, type locality, type deposition, distribution, and larval description, appendages in lateral, mediodorsal and dorsal views, female S 8–10 in lateral view, thorax in ventral view, male and female habitus).

Types. Syntypes in IRSNB (examined).

Larva described. No.

Material examined. (2 ♂♂ + 1 ♀): 1 ♀ Brazil: São Paulo, São Paulo, Av Itacira , 42, 06.i.2001, F.A.A. Lencioni leg. ; 1 ♂ Venezuela: Edo Bolivar, small stream and ponds, 7 km E of Parupa ( PN Canaima), 1200m, 1–3.viii.1987, T. W. Donnelly leg. ; 1 ♂ Brazil: Goiás, Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros, 23.vi.2008, S.L. Dutra & M.C. Almeida leg.

Synonyms. Lestes mediorufus Calvert, 1909 ( Lencioni 2005) .

Distribution. Brazil (Roraima, Goiás, Mato Grosso, São Paulo), Venezuela and Trinidad.

Diagnostic characters. ♂ —Cercus in lateral view: basal 2/3 straight with the apical 1/3 forming an almost right angle, tip rounded, medial expansion visible, rectangular, with the apical edge of the bottom margin with a long spine. Cercus in mediodorsal view: base of cercus with a short distally–directed spine, medial expansion a little wider than the base with the mesal edge concave and covered with spine–like setae. Paraproct in lateral view: 4/5 the length of cercus, finger–like with the tip little expanded and covered with pale setae. Paraproct in dorsal view: finger–like with a spoon–like tip.

♀ —Basal plate: species belonging to basal plate group 3 ( Fig. 38 View FIGURE 38 ), with dorsal side twice the length of the dorsal section of posterior side. Dorsal section of posterior side and posterior section of ventral side subequal ( Fig. 39C View FIGURE 39 ). Pectoral color pattern as Fig. 40H View FIGURE 40 .














Lestes minutus Selys, 1862

Lencioni, F. A. A., Neiss, U. G., Dutra, S. L., Furieri, K. S., Juen, L., Batista, J. D. & Vilela, Diogo S. 2021

Lestes minuta

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