Neoanapeptamena sp.,

Boeve, Jean-Luc, Marin-Armijos, Diego S., Dominguez, Diego F. & Smith, David R., 2016, Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Argidae, Pergidae, Tenthredinidae) from southern Ecuador, with a new record for the country and some ecological data, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 51, pp. 55-89: 73-75

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Neoanapeptamena sp.


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae

Neoanapeptamena sp.  Figs 21 e–f, 27


This genus includes about three species and occurs only in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Cajanuma “Mirador”, Podocarpus NP, 04°07'S, 079°11'W, 3000m, 14.10.2014, on leaf of Macrocarpaea arborescens  ( Gentianaceae  ), P3918 (1 ♂), leg. J.-L. Boevé, 23.10.2014, P3973.A, P3973.B (2 ♀), leg. T. Delsinne, J.-L. Boevé; Cajanuma, Podocarpus NP, 04°07'S, 079°10'W, 2750m, 14.10.2014, P3920 (1 ♀), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé, 2810m, 23.10.2014, P3972.A, P3972.B (2 ♀), leg. T. Delsinne, J.-L. Boevé.