Banyallarga Navás

Prather Table Of Contents, Aysha L., 2004, Revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Banyallarga (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae), Zootaxa 435 (1), pp. 1-76 : 11-12

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Banyallarga Navás


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Banyallarga Navás 1916:78 [Type species: Banyallarga testacea Navás 1916 , original designation]. — Fischer 1963:175 [in Hydropsychidae : Macronematinae ]. — Botosaneanu & Flint 1982:24 [larva, as Phylloicus ]. — Flint 1983:77 [to Calamoceratidae ]. — Flint & Angrisano 1985:688 [larva, pupa, distinguished from Phylloicus ].

Species in the subgenus Banyallarga are known only from South America. They are distinguished from species in the new subgenus Histricoverpa by three characters. 1) The anterior margins of the abdominal terga of both sexes are notched mesally ( Fig. 3B View FIGURE 3 ); 2) the abdominal sterna lack mesoventral processes; and 3) The preanal appendages are shorter than or subequal to tergum X. The male terminalia of all seven species are very similar; the shape of tergum X is the distinguishing feature of each species.

Male. Tergum IX with darkly sclerotized anterior ridges, posterior margin indistinct, rounded or notched mesally; lateral ridge ( Fig. 3A View FIGURE 3 ) usually present; dorsal and ventral pleural setae present; sternum IX with anterior ridge. Preanal appendage shorter than tergum X, length 3–4 times width, with long setae on apical half. Tergum X without posterior projections, (sometimes) notched posteromesally ( Figs. 3B View FIGURE 3 , 6B View FIGURE 6 ). Inferior appendage simple, with long setae ventrally and laterally on coxopodite; harpago rounded apically, of uniform circumference, with tiny peglike setae apically. Phallic endotheca with large round, spiculate ventrolateral lobes and single or paired dorsomesal lobes ( Figs. 3D, E View FIGURE 3 ).

Female. Sternum VIII anterior marginal ridge darkly sclerotized; with setae on posterior surface or restricted to posterior margin. Tergum IX with distinct anterior marginal ridge; sternum IX with striate lateral lobes. Tergum X semisclerotized posteromesally, appendage extends beyond posterior margin of tergum ( Figs. 4B View FIGURE 4 , 7B View FIGURE 7 ); sternum X with fine setae lateral to anal opening. Vaginal apparatus anterior and posterior sclerites equal in length; anterior sclerite emarginate or truncate anteriorly. If posterior end of spermatheca sclerotized, not as a sclerotized sphere ( Fig. 9A View FIGURE 9 ).












Banyallarga Navás

Prather Table Of Contents, Aysha L. 2004

Banyallarga Navás 1916:78

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