Oncocephalus validispinis Reuter,

Diez, Fernando & Coscaron, Maria del Carmen, 2014, The Stenopodainae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) of Argentina, ZooKeys 452, pp. 51-77: 63

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Oncocephalus validispinis Reuter


Taxon classification Animalia Hemiptera Reduviidae

Oncocephalus validispinis Reuter 

Oncocephalus validispinis  Reuter, 1882: 714; Giacchi 1984: 55; Maldonado Capriles 1990: 521; Martin-Park and Coscarón 2011: 57; Melo et al. 2011.

Oncocephalus mazzai  Costa Lima, 1941: 342; Wygodzinsky 1949: 67.


(After Barber 1930, Giacchi 1984) Scapus (in dorsal internal lateral view) with three setae shorter than the diameter of scapus in male and two in females. Setae shorter than the diameter of scapus. Posterior lobe of pronotum with medial longitudinal lines and carina. Two light brown bands on either side of carina.

Material examined.

Chaco: 1♂ (MLP) Chaco National Park.

Distribution in Argentina.

Buenos Aires: Delta (34°14'12.4188"S, 58°34'10.1598"W), Haedo (34°38'39.714"S, 58°35'43.6272"W), Hurlingham (34°35'52.4004"S, 58°38'8.7"W), Morón (34°39'21.0996"S, 58°37'0.195"W), San Miguel (34°32'34.9614"S, 58°42'43.0812"W), Villa Ballester (34°32'57.231"S, 58°33'31.6902"W), Ciudad Universitaria (34°34'46.5018"S, 58°24'17.2218"W); Chaco: Chaco National Park (26°48'24.9984"S, 59°26'36.4986"W); Córdoba: Sierras (31°26'20.4678"S, 64°50'4.0992"W); Entre Ríos: Colón (32°13'30"S, 58°8'40.1922"W), El Palmar (31°52'2.5932"S, 58°12'31.953"W); Santa Fe: Piquete (31°34'17.9826"S, 60°42'32.6736"W); Santiago del Estero.