Goniocolletes Cockerell, 1907

Leijs, Remko & Hogendoorn, Katja, 2016, New species of Goniocolletes and Trichocolletes (Hymenoptera, Colletidae) from southern Australia, ZooKeys 598, pp. 99-111 : 101-102

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Goniocolletes Cockerell, 1907


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Colletidae

Goniocolletes Cockerell, 1907


Two species of Goniocolletes were collected during a Bush Blitz survey at Hiltaba Station circa 130 km East of Ceduna, South Australia, November 2012. A single specimen of Goniocolletes abdominalis (SAMA32-032978 / AUSBS 313-13) was collected on the same flowering Eucalyptus as where a number of other Goniocolletes males were caught. Using the key and information provided in Maynard’s (2013) revision, these other collected specimens of Goniocolletes initially keyed out to Goniocolletes comatus Maynard 2013. However, unlike the colour characters mentioned in Maynard (2013), our specimens had orange legs, with dark coxae and trochanters. Comparison to the type specimen showed that these colour characters seem to have been switched both in the identification key ( Maynard 2013, pg. 98) and species description ( Maynard 2013, pg. 104). Locating the holotype of Goniocolletes comatus and other species examined specimens by Maynard (2013) was not straightforward, because none of the type specimens in SAMA and QM had been labelled as such. The male (holo)-type of Goniocolletes comatus could be identified and located on the basis of its unique locality data, but this was impossible for the female type, because multiple specimens had the same label information as the type ( Maynard 2013), and their repository was not stated. Examination of all specimens associated with Goniocolletes comatus in the collections of QM and SAMA, indicated the existence of two species, with differences in pubescence and characters associated with the male genitalia and hidden sternites. We associated the sexes by using series of males and females collected from the same date and locality for each of the species. Here, we redescribe the male and female of Goniocolletes comatus and describe the additional species on the basis of fresh material that was collected during a Bush Blitz survey at Hiltaba Station, South Australia.

As only a single species is added to this genus, we do not produce a completely new key, but suggest modifying the key produced by Maynard (2013, pg. 97) as follows:

For males:

For females: