Spinochactas mitaraka Lourenco , 2016

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 53-54

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Spinochactas mitaraka Lourenco , 2016


Spinochactas mitaraka Lourenco, 2016  Fig. 30


Lourenço 2016a.


Mitaraka South, 640 m, one female (holotype), deposited in the MNHN, J.M. Betsch leg., 15/III/2001.


Total length 12.9 mm for female holotype. General coloration yellow to reddish yellow; only carapace and tergites are slightly marbled with brownish. Venter and sternites yellow; pectines pale yellow. Metasomal segments yellow. Chelicerae yellow without spots; fingers yellow with reddish teeth. Pedipalps yellow to reddish yellow. Legs pale yellow. Carapace lustrous and slightly punctate; carinae absent; furrows shallow. Tergites acarinate, with minute granulations only. Pectinal tooth count 6-6 in female. Sternites smooth and shiny; spiracles strongly reduced and rounded. Metasomal segments I to IV wider than long; metasomal tegument punctate except for some granulations on the ventral surface of segment V; ventral carinae absent from segments I to V; metasomal segments II to IV with dorsal and dorso-lateral carinae ending by a strong spinoid granule. Telson globular with a short aculeus; subaculear tooth or spine absent; some granulations present including on the dorsal side. Pedipalps slender with fingers strongly curved; femur with dorsal internal, dorsal external and ventral internal carinae moderately marked; ventral external carina vestigial; dorsal and ventral sides with minute granulations; internal side weakly granular; patella smooth and lustrous; dorsal internal, ventral internal, ventral external and external carinae weakly marked; other carinae vestigial; chela smooth and lustrous; carinae vestigial; internal side with granulations better marked on the base of fixed fingers; dentate margins on fixed and movable fingers with seven almost linear rows of granules, separated only by reduced internal accessory granules; edge of movable finger with three granules.