Dolichogenidea sp. 1

Fernandez-Triana, Jose, Buffam, Joel, Beaudin, Melanie, Davis, Hannah, Ana Fernandez-Galliano,, Griffin, Emily, Lin, Shang-Yao, , 2017, An annotated and illustrated checklist of Microgastrinae wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, ZooKeys 691, pp. 49-101: 56-57

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Dolichogenidea sp. 1


Dolichogenidea sp. 1  Fig. 9


NEA. Probably a High Arctic endemic.


A total of 105 specimens from Banks and Baffin Islands. Differences in DNA barcodes, and morphology (sculpture of propodeum, mediotergites 1 and 2, length of fore wing vein R1), separate this species from the next one. The available DNA sequences for this species correspond in BOLD to BIN BOLD:AAE6509.