Muscidifurax adanacus Doganlar, 2007

Xiao, Hui, Zhou, Shi-yu & Tong, Yan-feng, 2018, A taxonomic study of Muscidifurax Girault & Sanders from China (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae), ZooKeys 776, pp. 91-103: 91

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Muscidifurax adanacus Doganlar, 2007


Muscidifurax adanacus Doganlar, 2007  Figs 15-21

Muscidifurax adanacus  Doganlar, 2007: 245-246. Holotype ♀, MKUT. Not examined.


Antenna with scape longer than eye height (Figs 16, 17), exceeding vertex; each funicular segment longer than broad except Fu7 subquadrate; Fu1 without sensilla, longer than Fu2 (Fig. 18); Fu2 with sensilla. Propodeum with two slim median carinae, plicae present, nucha developed (Fig. 19); median area of propodeum with weakly or strong coarse rugae. Fore wing without marginal fringe, and with reduced pilosity. Gaster at least 1.9 × as long as broad; Gt1 about 1/4 length of gaster (Fig. 15). Male antennae with each funicular segment longer than broad, and with dense hairy (Figs 20, 21).

Material examined.

China: 1♂ (2016-WJ-067), 4♀ (2016-WJ-004), Shandong: Jinan, 22.III.2016, reared from pupa of Musca domestica  (captured on 27.II.2016), leg. Zhang-ze Hu.


Pupa of Musca domestica  .


China (Shandong); Palearctic region (Turkey).