Polyrhachis (Campomyrma) micans, Mayr., race ops, Forel, var. rufa

Crawley, W. C., 1921, New and little-known species of ants from various localities., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7, pp. 87-97: 97

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Polyrhachis (Campomyrma) micans, Mayr., race ops, Forel, var. rufa


Polyrhachis (Campomyrma) micans, Mayr., race ops, Forel, var. rufa  HNS  , nov.

[[worker]]. Differs from micans  HNS  in colour, which is black, with the mandibles, clypeus, frontal area, anterior portion of frontal carinae, cheeks at base of mandibles, antennae, legs, scale, and gaster light red. The upper portion of the declivity of epinotum below the teeth and the teeth themselves are red, but not so bright as the other red portions.

Thorax formed like that of the race ops  HNS  - i. e.t narrower than in micans  HNS  ; the anterior border of clypeus not so deeply concave and the teeth not so prominent as in micans  HNS  . The teeth on epinotum much shorter and blunter than in micans  HNS  , and the inner spines on the scale are somewhat shorter and more parallel, while the lateral spines are reduced to mere triangular teeth.

This variety would appear to differ from the var. dentinasis  HNS  recently described by Santschi by its red colour and the even greater diminution of the lateral spines of the scale.

Townsville, Queensland, 1902 (F. P. Dodd).

Type in my collection; cotypes in British Museum.