Pterotopteryx eumorphodactyla (Caradja, 1920) Caradja, 1920

Ustjuzhanin, Peter & Kovtunovich, Vasily, 2014, New data on the many-plumed moths (Alucitidae, Lepidoptera) of the Far East of Russia, Nota Lepidopterologica 37 (2), pp. 135-139 : 136-137

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Pterotopteryx eumorphodactyla (Caradja, 1920)

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Pterotopteryx eumorphodactyla (Caradja, 1920) View in CoL comb. n. Figs 1-6

Orneodes zonodactyla var. eumorphodactyla Caradja, 1920: 88. Type locality: Radde, Amur Region, Russia.

Alucita eumorphodactyla : Gielis 2003: 110; Ustjuzhanin and Kovtunovich 2008: 150.

Alucita sakhalinica Zagulajev, 1995: 111. Type locality: South Sakhalin, Russia. Syn. nov. Pterotopteryx koreana Byun, 2006: 42. Type locality: Unduryeong, Mt. Gyebang, Province Gangweon-do, Korea. Syn. nov.


Russia. South Sakhalin: Pik-Chekhova, h - 500 m, 2.06.1988, 1♂ (holotype), leg. M. Nesterov (ZISP); same data as holotype, but 2.06.1988, 4♂,2♀, 12.06.1988, 1♂, 1♀, 21.06.1988, 1 ♂ (paratypes), leg. M. Nesterov (ZISP); Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,, 7 ex., leg. S. Sinev (ZISP); Sinegorsk, 3.vii.1991, 1♀, leg. A. Kupriyanov (CUK); Novoalexandrovka village,, 1♂, leg. A. Kupriyanov (CUK); Urozhaynoe village,, 3♂, leg. V. Dubatolov (ISEA). Kurile Islands: Kunashir Isl., Sernovodsk, 12.vii.1967, 2 ex., leg. Zabello (ZISP); Shikotan Isl.,, 1♂, 1♀, leg. I. Kerzhner (ZISP). Khabarovskii Krai: 20 km W of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, Archangel’skoe village, 15-18.vii.2009, 6 ex., leg. V. Dubatolov (ISEA, CUK); Bolshekhekhtsirskii Nature Reserve, Bychikha village, 26.v.2006, 1 ♂, leg. V. Dubatolov (CUK); Pivan’ village, 31.v. 2008, 1♂, leg. A. Syatchina (CUK). Amur Region: Bastak Nature Reserve, 2004, 1♂, 1♀, leg. A. Streltzov (CUK); Blagoveshchensk, 2012, 1♂, leg. A. Streltzov (CUK). Primorsky Krai: Barabash village, 16-19.viii, 2008, 1 ♂, leg. A. Streltzov, P. Osipov, E. Malikova (CUK); 20 km E of Ussuriisk, Gornotajozhnoe village,, 1 ♂, leg. V. Dubatolov (ISEA).


Russian Far East: Sakhalin, southern Kurile Islands, Khabarovskii Krai, Amur Region, Primorsky Krai. Korean Peninsula.

Life history.

Biology unknown. Flight period: V–VII. Probably develops in two generations.


The type series of Orneodes zonodactyla var. eumorphodactyla Caradja, 1920 consists of six specimens held in MGAB. Dr. Mihai Stănescu, Lepidoptera collection manager in this museum, kindly sent us the abdomens of two paralectotypes for genitalia dissection. Our study of the male genitalia as well as external morphology revealed a number of diagnostic characters for the genus Pterotopteryx Hannemann, 1959 (third segment of labial palpus short, less than 1/3 as long as second segment; all five forewing R veins developed; valva with broad base; uncus undivided apically; gnathos acute apically; phallus nearly straight with spiniform cornuti in vesica) which provide ample reason for treating this taxon as a valid species within Pterotopteryx . In addition, all characters studied revealed the obvious conspecificity of Pterotopteryx eumorphodactyla with the recently described Alucita sakhalinica Zagulajev, 1995 ( Zagulajev 1995: 111-115, figs 4-5) and Pterotopteryx koreana Byun, 2006 ( Byun 2006: 42, figs 6-9). In particular, the following character states are diagnostic. The wings are yellowish ashy, the middle and outer bands are well defined, and there are several contrasting spots on the costal margin of the forewing, near the base. In the male genitalia, the uncus is laterally narrow and its apex is lanceolate in frontal aspect, the valvae are wide and sclerotized near the base, narrow and membranous to the apex, and the phallus is slightly curved and with well-developed cornuti. In the female genitalia, the antrum is cup-shaped, the bursa copulatrix is oval with a rounded signum, and the ductus is covered with small spines.