Anthroleucosomatidae Verhoeff, 1899

Kime, Richard Desmond & Enghoff, Henrik, 2021, Atlas of European millipedes 3: Order Chordeumatida (Class Diplopoda), European Journal of Taxonomy 769, pp. 1-244 : 32

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Anthroleucosomatidae Verhoeff, 1899


Family Anthroleucosomatidae Verhoeff, 1899

This family is most diverse in the Balkans (Antić et al. 2020) and also in the Caucasus region where it is the only family of Chordeumatida ( Antić & Makarov 2016) . A few among the 43 European species occur in Italy and Corsica, and one ( Anamastigona pulchella (Silvestri, 1894)) is relatively widespread in W Europe and is one of the few chordeumatidans which have been introduced to Macaronesia, in casu Madeira. Further species are known from the Altai Mts, Siberia, and NW North America ( Shear 1988; Shear & Leonard 2004). This is the only European chordeumatidan family represented by an indigenous species in N America.