Cardiacephala conifera Hendel, 1933

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A., 2018, A revision of the Neotropical ant-like genus Cardiacephala Macquart, including Plocoscelus Enderlein syn. nov. (Diptera: Micropezidae, Taeniapterinae), Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 401-458: 424-426

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Cardiacephala conifera Hendel, 1933


Cardiacephala conifera Hendel, 1933 

( Figs. 33–36 View Figure )

Cardiacephala conifera Hendel, 1933: 217  .

Plocoscelus conifer (Hendel)  , Hennig 1937: 49.

Plocoscelus haedulus Hennig 1935: 51  , Hennig 1937: 49.

Description: Body length 8 mm, wing 5 mm. Palpus mostly dark brown, white on outer face. Clypeus brown with

pale microsetulae. First flagellomere brown and covered with pale microsetulae. Row of katepisternal setae brownish. Fore tibia dark brown. Hind femur narrowly white basally. Fore tarsus dark brown with gold/whitish pubescence ventrally at base of tarsomere one. Oviscape brown with apex dark brown. Epandrium yellow.

Head: Palpus broadened basally and gradually tapering to apex. Clypeus short, length less than half of width. Two frontal setae. Vertex flattened. Frontal vitta slightly elevated until vertex. Inner vertical setae inserted in strong tubercles. Paracephalon swollen, conical. Black supracervical setae sparse, weak.

Thorax: Mesonotum with golden pruinosity. Notopleural setae strong. Posterior notopleural seta insertion slightly protuberant. Scutellum upturned, triangular. Femora with sparse black setulae. Mid and hind tibia flattened, but sulcus on outer face weak. Wing with incomplete apical pigmentation and three preapical darkened spots. Crossvein r-m with dark spot. R4+5 and M1+2 ending separately in wing margin. A1+CuA2 less than half as long as CuA2. Female cervical sclerite smooth, without swelling.

Abdomen: Tergites with sparse brownish setae. Female abdomen: Single spermathecal duct apically broad, basal half slightly tapered. Single spermatheca cylindrical. Paired spermathecal duct divided into a narrow basal half and a broader distal half. Paired spermathecal duct stems thin and smooth on basal third, apical two thirds with a large rounded swelling ( Fig. 34 View Figure ). Paired spermathecae spherical, somewhat flattened basally (almost disc-shaped) and deeply invaginated from apex to base. Male abdomen: Ejaculatory apodeme reduced, blade small and short, sperm pump wider than blade. Phallapodeme extending to anterior limit of hypandrium. Distiphallus long, longer than epandrium, ending in a phallic bulb, phallic bulb subequal in length and width.

Type material: Syntypes of C. conifera Hendel  (2 ♀, NMWAbout NMW, probably lost): PARAGUAY. Aregua. No information about collector and date; Plocoscelus haedulus Hennig  (1 ♀, MLUHAbout MLUH): BRAZIL, Amazonas, Tefé. No information about collector.

Material examined: BRAZIL. Amazonas, 45 km E Tapuruquara, 23.I.1978, Norman D. Penny (1 ♂, INPAAbout INPA); Amazonas, Manaus, Reserva Ducke, 9.IX.1986, L.S. Aquino & U. Barbosa (1 ♀, INPAAbout INPA); Amazonas, Manaus, Est. AM 1 km 64, 28.VII.1970, A. Faustino ( INPAAbout INPA); Amazonas, Reserva Ducke, 14.II.1978, Jorge Arias ( INPAAbout INPA); Mato Grosso do Sul, Bodoquena, Fazenda California, 20º41’55.9” S 58º52’49.4” W, 6.XI.2011 (1 ♀, DZUPAbout DZUP 341592, sequence MYCRO 237–16); COLOMBIA. Bolivar, SFF Los Colorados, La Suiris, 9º54’ N 75º07’ W, 126 m, 16– 30.XI.2000, E. Deulufeut M. 921 (1 ♀, IAVHAbout IAVH); Magdalena, Tayrona Natl. Pk., Pueblito, 225 m, malaise trap, 4– 20.XII.2000, M. 965, R. Henriquez (1 ♀, IAVHAbout IAVH); Magdalena, PNN Tayrona Pueblito, 225 m, 11º20’ N 74º02’ W, 1–19.IX.2000, M. 626, R. Henriquez (1 ♀, USNMAbout USNM); Vichada, PNN Tuparro Centro Administrativo, 5º21’ N 67º51’ W, 100 m, Malaise, 17–26.XII.2000, M. 1382, W. Villalba (1 ♀, USNMAbout USNM).

Distribution: Brazil, Colombia, Guiana, Paraguay.

Comments: The swelling on the inner vertical seta insertion and the paracephalon, in combination with three preapical dark spots and short A1+CuA2 on the wing, makes this species easily distinguishable. Hendel (1936: 65, Fig. 1 View Figure ) also provides an illustration of a C. conifera  head.


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien


Martin Luther Universitaet


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History














Cardiacephala conifera Hendel, 1933

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A. 2018


Plocoscelus conifer

Hennig, W. 1937: 49


Plocoscelus haedulus

Hennig, W. 1937: 49Hennig, W. 1935: 51


Cardiacephala conifera

Hendel, F. 1933: 217