Lissaclita, Gomez-Daglio, Liza & Syoc, Robert Van, 2006

Gomez-Daglio, Liza & Syoc, Robert Van, 2006, A new genus and species of high intertidal barnacle (Cirripedia, Tetraclitidae) from Baja California Sur, México, Zootaxa 1118, pp. 57-68 : 58

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.171665


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gen. nov.

Genus Lissaclita gen. nov.

Diagnosis: Shell conical to cylindroconical, with four plates, diametric growth, carina with two strongly developed transparietal alae, rostrum with two weakly developed disparietal radii (non­tubiferous), parietes with secondarily divided row of tubes lacking transverse septa, membranous basis. Opercular plates and exoskeletal cuticular characters resembling those found in the four­plated barnacles of the Tetraclitidae group.

Type species: Lissaclita melaniae sp. nov.

Etymology: From the Latin liss­, smooth; and the Greek clit­, a slope or hill. Gender feminine.

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