Crematogaster (Physocrema) bakeri Menozzi,

Hosoishi, S. & Ogata, K., 2009, A taxonomic revision of the Asian endemic subgenus Physocrema of the genus Crematogaster (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 2062, pp. 15-36: 21

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Crematogaster (Physocrema) bakeri Menozzi


Crematogaster (Physocrema) bakeri Menozzi  HNS 

Crematogaster (Physocrema) bakeri Menozzi  HNS  , 1925: 447, fig. 6, worker from PHILIPPINES: Mindanao, Davao (6947) (probably in IEGG). [not seen]

Remarks. We have not been able to examine type-material of C. (P.) bakeri  HNS  . From the original description and figure, this species is close to C. (P.) inflata, C. (P.) onusta  HNS  and C. (P.) physothorax  HNS  . But it is impossible to isolate C. (P.) bakeri  HNS  from those species on the basis of the original description. It lacks the detailed description of the clypeus and promesonotum for separating the similar species. The taxonomic status of this species will remain uncertain until type-material can be examined.


Italy, Bologna, Universita di Bologna, Istituto di Entomologia