Thiodina Simon, 1900

Bustamante, Abel A. & Ruiz, Gustavo R. S., 2020, New species and records of thiodinines from North and South America (Araneae Salticidae: Salticinae: Thiodinini), Zootaxa 4899 (1), pp. 115-140 : 130

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Thiodina Simon, 1900


Thiodina Simon, 1900  

Type species. Attus elegans Nicolet, 1849   = Thiodina nicoleti Roewer, 1951   .

Diagnosis. Thiodina   males resemble those of Arachnomura   , Atomosphyrus   , Cyllodania   and Hyetussa   by having spine-like setae in a scattered pattern on the anterior surface of the male chelicera, but differ from those thiodinine genera (except Arachnomura   ) for including species with a strong pattern of dark/clear longitudinal stripes on the abdomen of both sexes. Thiodina   differs from Arachnomura   by having a shorter and wider embolus.