Comaroma tongjunca, Zhang, Z. H. & Z. F. Chen, 1994

Zhang, Z. H. & Z. F. Chen, 1994, A new species of the genus Comaroma in China (Araneae: Anapidae), J. Hanhzhou Univ. (nat. Sci.) 21, pp. 118-121 : 120-121

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Comaroma tongjunca

sp. nov.

Comaroma tongjunca View in CoL   ZBK sp. nov. (figs 1 - 4).

Holotype ♀. allotypes 2♀ paratypes 2♀, 1♂, Mount Tongjun f Tonglu county (29. 8°N, 119. 6°E), Zhejiang , April 5,1987,Collected by Chen Zhangfu GoogleMaps .

Female: Total length 1. 4 mm. Cephalothorax length 0. 46 mm" width 0. 41 mm i Abdomen length 1.00 mm, width 0. 88 mm. Carapace yellowish brown, oval. Thorax part has sclerotic grain" with a short bristle on upside. All eyes present. Anterior eye row slightly recurved. Eyes nearly equal in size. The posterior eye row procurve a little. ALE and PLE close. The distance between AME shorter than the distance between PME (3*4)" median ocular area (MOA) ladder like* Clypcus red,wide, sclerotic dot. Chelioer yellowish brown. The margin of labium and endite white " but other part yellowish brown. Stcmuxn triangular " yellow in colour" the margin black brown with sparse black short hair. Leg ycllowishbrown " cxccpt patella gray. The total length of patella plus tibia of leg I shorter than the length of carapace. Leg formula*is 4.1. 2. 3. Measurement (mm)i '

Abdomen roundish shaped. Dorsal view yellowish with sclerotic dota, the distal with a short bristle, four brown spots in median. Venter gray. Between epigastric furrow and pedicel there is a brown chitinized plate enclosed the epigynum. Spinners very small. •

Male: Total length 1. 23 mm. Cephalothorax length 0.48 mm. width 0.41 mm. Abdomen length 0.75 mm, width 0. 68 mm. Color and markings smilar to those of the female. The embolus of palpal or¬ gan triangle. Measurements (mm)"

This new species is similar to the Comaroma maculosa Oi , but may be distingushed from the latter by: 1. AME and ALE nearly equal in size, but in C. maculosa the AME the smallest i 2. The abdomen of C. maculosa in dorsal view has arch-shaped wrinkles but the new species has no such wrinkles i 3. The receptaculum seminis of new species is triangular from dorsal view, but the latter not the same; 4. Palpal of both species are also different from each other.













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