Auyantepuia laurae Ythier, 2015

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 44

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Auyantepuia laurae Ythier, 2015


Auyantepuia laurae Ythier, 2015  Fig. 20


Ythier 2015.


Near Saut Sabbat, 50 km South of Mana and 50 km East of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, under wood log, one female (holotype) and two females (paratypes), deposited in the MNHN, E. Ythier & G. Roy coll., I/2015. Mana, path of the Forêt des Sables Blancs, one female, deposited in the EYPC, EY0097, J. Chevalier & B. Tan coll., 08/VII/2017.


Size ranging from 27.5 to 28.2 mm in total length for the females. General coloration reddish brown. Carapace reddish yellow, intensely marked with brownish variegated spots around the ocular tubercle and on the anterior and posterior edges of the carapace; ocular tubercle darker, almost black. Tergites reddish brown with confluent reddish yellow spots, on the sides and the middle of tergites, without forming a longitudinal stripe. Venter and sternites yellowish to reddish yellow; sternum reddish yellow with darker spots; genital operculum reddish yellow; pectines pale yellow. Metasomal segments reddish yellow, marked with variegated brownish spots on lateral and dorsal sides of segments I to V and on ventral side of segments IV and V; ventral side of segments I to III yellowish, without spots. Vesicle reddish yellow with basis of aculeus blackish and tip of aculeus reddish. Chelicerae yellowish, with variegated dark brown spots; fingers reddish yellow with dark brown spots at their basis, reddish teeth. Pedipalps reddish brown, with longitudinal dark brown spots. Legs yellowish, intensely marked with brownish spots. Carapace lustrous and acarinate, with some minute punctations; furrows shallow; anterior edge emarginated. Tergites acarinate, almost smooth and shiny, with only minute granulations on their posterior edges. Pectinal tooth count 5-6 to 6-6 in females. Sternites smooth and shiny, VII acarinate; spiracles rounded in shape. Only metasomal segments IV and V longer than wide; metasomal tegument almost lustrous, without granulation, and with a few punctations; segment V with spinoid granulation ventrally, weakly marked; carinae on segments I to V vestigial or absent; only dorso-lateral carinae are weakly marked on segments I to IV. Pedipalp femur with dorsal internal, dorsal external and ventral internal carinae moderately marked; internal side weakly granular; other sides smooth; patella smooth, with vestigial carinae; chela weakly granulated, almost smooth, with dorso-internal carina weakly marked; dentate margins on fixed and movable fingers with six rows of granules.