Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884

Jia, Fenglong & Zhang, Ruijuan, 2017, A review of the genus Cryptopleurum from China (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae), Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae (Acta. Ent. Mus. Natl. Pragae) 57 (2), pp. 577-592 : 581-582

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Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884


Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884

( Figs 9‒16 View Figs 9–16 )

Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884: 461 . Cryptopleurum subtile: HANSEN (1999: 310) : catalogue, complete synonymy.

Type locality. Japan: Hokkaido Is., Otaru.

Material examined. CHINA: NEI MONGOL: 2 spec. ( SYSU): Hailar City , 49º12′36ʺN, 119º44′24ʺE, 23‒26. vii.2003, Fenglong Jia lgt GoogleMaps . QINGHAI: 1 spec. ( SHNU): Beishan, Huzhu Co., Xining City , alt. 2450 m, 36º50′24ʺN, 101º57′36ʺE, 28.vii.2004, Tang & Hu & Zhu lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . BEIJING: 1 spec. ( BMHM): CHINA, b.m. 1980‒491, P.M. Hammond, PEIKING, Badaling , 40º21′36ʺN, 116º01′12ʺE, 9.ix.[19]80, Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp , det. Ryndevich S.K., 2007 GoogleMaps . HEBEI: 96 spec. ( SYSU): Handan, City, Piancheng , County , 36º4′02ʺN, 113º39′30ʺE, 1109 m, 1.viii.2013, Xie & Lin lgt. (with English and Chinese labels) GoogleMaps . SHANXI: 20 spec. ( SYSU): Lishan, Nature Reserve , Yicheng County, Douduo village , 35º26′22ʺN, 112º00′36ʺE, 1558 m, 25.vii.2013, Jia, Xie & Lin lgt. (with English and Chinese labels) GoogleMaps . SHAANXI: 6 spec. ( SYSU, SHNU): China, Shaanxi Prov. , Ankang City , Ningshaan County, Houditang , Foresty Centre , 33º26′N, 108º27′E, alt. 1500‒1700 m, 12.vii.2012, Li Li-zhen lgt GoogleMaps . HUBEI: 39 spec. ( SYSU): Dabieshan Mts, Wujianshan , 31º7.6′N, 115º45.1′E,, light trap, Zhenhua Liu lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . HUNAN: 5 spec. ( SYSU): Zhuzhou, Yanling County, Taoyuandong , Xihua village , 26º31′23ʺN, 114º05′75ʺE, 25.v.2014, Xiaolin Liu, Renchao Lin & Chang Pan lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) ; 5 spec. ( SYSU): Yanling County, Taoyuandong scenic area, service centre, 26º30′06ʺN, 114º00′53ʺE, 25.v.2014, Xiaolin Liu, Chang Pan & Weicai Xie lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 male ( SYSU): Hunan, Qianban, Anjiang , 27º18′36ʺN, 110º08′24ʺE,, Zhenyao Chen lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . GUIZHOU: 1 spec. ( SYSU): Guizhou Prov. Weng’ang, Town, Maolan Nature , Reserve. 814 m, 25º15′08ʺN, 107º53′56ʺE, 24.vii.2015, Renchao Lin & Yudan Tang lgt GoogleMaps . SICHUAN: 7 spec. ( SYSU): Ya’an, Liziping Natural Reserve, Gongyihai Station , 2065 m, 29º01′32.14ʺN, 102º23′03.87ʺE, 24‒25.vii.2016, Yudan Tang & Ruijuan Zhang lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 26 spec. ( SYSU): Ya’an, Liziping Natural Reserve, Menghuocheng , 2644m, 28º53′16.5ʺN, 102º21′21.26ʺE, 26.vii.2016, Yudan Tang & Ruijuan Zhang lgt.(transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . ZHEJIANG: 1 spec ( SHNU): Longwangshan N. R., Anji County, alt. 250 m, 30º24′36ʺN, 119º25′12ʺE, 26.iv.2006, Zhuling lgt GoogleMaps .; 6 spec. ( SYSU): Tianmushan , 30º19′12ʺN, 119º25′48ʺE, 27.vii‒10.viii.2009, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . SHANGHAI: 2 spec. ( SHNU): Botanic Garden, Shanghai City , 31º23′48ʺN, 121º28′12ʺE, 16.iv.2006, Hu & Tang lgt GoogleMaps . JIANGXI: 3 spec. ( SYSU): Jinggangshan, Jingzhushan scenic area, 26.54ºN 114.12ºE, 04.x.2010, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 8 spec. ( SYSU): CHINA: Jiangxi Prov., Jinggangshan Mts., Baiyinhu env., 26º36.8′N, 114º11.1′E, 800 m, Fenglong Jia lgt. (with English and Chinese labels) GoogleMaps ; 14 spec. ( SYSU): Jinggangshan, Xiangzhou , 349 m, 26º36.0′N, 114º16.0′E, Lijun Yang lgt. (with English and Chinese labels) GoogleMaps ; 3 spec. ( SYSU): same data as the former but collected by Fenglong Jia GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU): Jinggangshan, Xiaoxidong , 26.48ºN 114.19ºE, 02.viii.2011, Lijun Yang lgt GoogleMaps .; 1 spec. ( SYSU): Jiangxi, Shangrao, Sanqingshan , 28º54′36ʺN, 118º04′12ʺE, 15‒20.iv.2007, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU): China, Jiangxi, Sanqingshan , 28.93ºN 118.05ºE, Living lgt GoogleMaps .; 3 spec. ( SYSU): Jiangxi Prov. Ji’an City, Anfu, County , Wugongshan , 27.19ºN 114.13ºE, 400 m, 5.viii.2015, Renchao Lin & Yudan Tang lgt GoogleMaps .; 2 male, 11 spec. ( NMPC): Jinggangshan Mts., Xiangzhou (forest valley S of the village), 26.58ºN 114.27ºE, 374 m, 26. iv. 2011, Fikáček & Hájek lgt GoogleMaps . FUJIAN: 1 male ( SYSU): Fujian, Nanjing, Hexi town , (cow dung), 24.65ºN 117.05ºE, 13.vii.2010, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . GUANGDONG: 5 spec. ( SYSU): Guangdong, Xingning, Luofu-Huangmaozhang Nature Reserve , 23.25ºN 114.03ºE, 02.vii.2004, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU): Guangzhou, Shipai , 23.13ºN 113.26ºE, 18.x.1964, Zhaojian Liang lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 4 spec. ( SYSU): Guangdong, Fengkai, Heishiding , 23.46ºN 111.90ºE, 05.x.2011, Living lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 2 spec. ( SYSU), Guangdong, Gaoming, Yangmei town , 23.62ºN 113.42ºE, 23‒26.iv.2006, Fenglong Jia lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU), Guangdong, Puning , 23.30ºN 116.16ºE, 3.i.1959, Zhelong Pu lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU), Guangdong, Dadongshan , 24.84ºN 112.52ºE,, Living lgt GoogleMaps . GUANGXI: 1 spec. ( SYSU): Guangxi, Yangshuo , 24.82ºN 111.26ºE, 1958, Shoujian Chen lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps . YUNNAN: 1 spec. ( SYSU): Yingjiang County, Tongbiguan, Kaibangya lake , 24.58ºN 97.67ºE, 1289m, 25.v.2016, Yudan Tang & Ruijuan Zhang lgt. (transcribed from Chinese) GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( NMPC): Gaoligong Mts. NNR. Baihualing , 25.26ºN 98.80ºE, at light 1535 m, 6‒, Hájek & Růžička lgt GoogleMaps . JAPAN: 1 spec. ( SYSU): Japan, Hokkaido, Hokodate , 41.77ºN 140.73ºE, viii.2003, F.L. Jia lgt GoogleMaps .; 1 male ( SYSU): Naga-Numa, Shika-Numa, Atsuma , Hokkaido Japan , 42.72ºN 141.88ºE,, M. Ohara, (decaying vegetable) GoogleMaps ; 2 spec. ( SYSU): Ishigaki-jima, Nansei, Iss. , Japan. 42.83ºN 143.36ºE, 4.ii.1996, K. Tokahashi, collected by Track trap GoogleMaps ; 1 spec. ( SYSU): Otaru (Osyoro), Hokkaido , Japan , 43.22ºN 142.86ºE, 3.ix.1991, M. Ohara lgt GoogleMaps .

Published records. CHINA: BEIJING, JIANGXI, TAIWAN, ZHEJIANG (without specified localities; FIKÁČEK et al. 2015a).

Redescription. Length 1.6–2.3 mm. Yellowish red to reddish brown with black head and sternites; head, pronotum, and metaventral elevation with distinct longitudinal microsculptural lines ( Fig. 16 View Figs 9–16 ). Punctures on pronotum and elytral intervals fine and sparse. Elytral striae seven and eight more or less fused but series of punctures distinctly separated ( Fig. 12 View Figs 9–16 ), intervals flat basally but somewhat convex apically and laterally ( Figs 9, 11 View Figs 9–16 ). Paramere ( Figs 13, 14 View Figs 9–16 ) ca. 1.25× as long as phallobase, gradually narrowed from base to middle, almost parallel from middle to subapex, distinctly expanded outwards, with membrane and setae subapically inwards. Median lobe broad, almost parallel at basal four-fifth, abruptly narrowed at apical fifth and gradually narrowed apicad, gonopore situated subapically.

Differential diagnosis. This species is similar to C. minutum , but it can be easily distinguished from the latter by its light color, and the pronotum, elytra and metaventrite with finer and moderately dense punctures. The head, and disc of the pronotum and metaventrite have distinct short longitudinal microsculpture between punctures.

Biology. Living in decaying organic material, particularly in compost heaps, barn manure, excrements of mammals (e.g. horse and cattle dung), among various plant debris, also in nests of birds ( RYNDEVICH & LUNDYSHEV 2005). This species can be easily collected at light from April to November in South China.

Distribution. Widespread in Eastern Palearctic and China, in early 20th century introduced to North America, and in 1960ʼs to Europe ( SMETANA 1978, HANSEN 1999). In China previously recorded from Beijing, Jiangxi, Taiwan and Zhejiang. Newly recorded for Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Nei Mongol, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan.


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Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884

Jia, Fenglong & Zhang, Ruijuan 2017

Cryptopleurum subtile

HANSEN M. 1999: )
SHARP D. 1884: 461
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