Cryptophagus uncinatus Stephens, 1830

Otero, Jose Carlos, Benyahia, Yousra & Brustel, Herve, 2017, Faunistic notes on Cryptophagidae and Latridiidae of Talassemtane National Park, Western Rif, Morocco, with the description of a new species (Coleoptera, Cucujoidea), ZooKeys 668, pp. 69-82: 71

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Cryptophagus uncinatus Stephens, 1830


Cryptophagus uncinatus Stephens, 1830 

Cryptophagus uncinatus  Stephens, 1830: 75

Examined material.

Morocco, Rif, Sapinière de Talassemtane, 30.IV.2014, 1 ex (leg. H. Brustel).


Throughout Europe, North Africa (Algeria) and Turkey ( Johnson et al. 2007; Otero 2013).

First record for Morocco.