Oribotritia angusta Mahunka, 1982,

Niedbała, Wojciech, 2015, Supplement to the knowledge of ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) from Palaearctic Region, Zootaxa 4057 (3), pp. 301-339: 304-305

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Oribotritia angusta Mahunka, 1982


Oribotritia angusta Mahunka, 1982 

( Fig 2 AView FIGURE 2 A – H. A)

Two specimens from Russia (Primorskij Kraj, Partizanski District) have three pairs of aggenital setae instead of two pairs. All other morphological characters are comparable to typical specimen.

FIGURE 1 A –I. Phthiracarus pachys  sp. nov. (holotype: measurements: prodorsum: length 414, width 303, height 162; notogaster: length 788, width 525, height 586). A, prodorsum, dorsal view; B, prodorsum, lateral view; C, opisthosoma, lateral view; D, seta c 1; E, seta h 1; F, mentum of subcapitulum; G, right genitoaggenital plate; H, right anoadanal plate; I, trochanter and femur I.