Habroteleia ruficoxa (Kieffer)

Chen, Hua-yan, Talamas, Elijah J., Masner, Lubomir & Johnson, Norman F., 2018, Revision of the world species of the genus Habroteleia Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastridae, Scelioninae), ZooKeys 730, pp. 87-122: 96

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Habroteleia ruficoxa (Kieffer)


Habroteleia ruficoxa (Kieffer)  Figures 65-70

Phaedroteleia ruficoxa  Kieffer, 1916: 182, 183 (original description. Keyed); Kieffer 1926: 418 (description, keyed); Kelner-Pillault 1958: 151 (type information); Baltazar 1966: 181 (cataloged, type information, distribution).

Habroteleia ruficoxa  (Kieffer): Masner 1976: 26 (generic transfer); Johnson 1992: 399 (cataloged, type information).


Body length of male: 4.0 mm (n=1). Length of A3 in male: as long as A2.

Punctation of frons above antennal scrobe: sparse. Sculpture of antennal scrobe: foveate. Central keel: present. Sculpture of ventrolateral frons: punctate rugose. Occipital carina: complete. Sculpture of posterior vertex: punctate rugose. Sculpture of gena: punctate rugose. Sculpture of occiput: smooth.

Color of mesosoma: black. Sculpture of dorsal pronotal area: punctate rugose. Sculpture of lateral pronotal area: smooth anteriorly, foveate posteriorly. Sculpture of netrion: coarsely striate. Setae of netrion: dense throughout. Sculpture of notaulus: discretely punctate. Sculpture of mesoscutal midlobe: densely punctate. Sculpture of lateral lobe of mesoscutum: sparsely punctate. Sculpture of lateral propodeal area: rugose. Setation of mesoscutellum: sparse. Sculpture of mesoscutellum: sparsely punctate. Median propodeal projection: short. Mesopleural carina: distinct. Sculpture of mesepisternum anteroventral to mesopleural depression: largely smooth with sparse punctures. Sculpture of dorsal metapleural area: rugose. Sculpture of ventral metapleural area: rugose. Setation of ventral metapleural area: dense. Color of legs: orange-yellow. Sculpture of hind coxa: densely punctate.

Color of metasoma: black. Transverse sulcus on T2: present. Sculpture of T2-T5: sparsely longitudinally striate, smooth in interstices. Sculpture of T1 in male: sparsely longitudinally striate, smooth in interstices. Male T8 apical spine: absent.

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Material examined.

Holotype, male, P. ruficoxa  : PHILIPPINES: Mindanao Isl., Butuan Chartered City, no date, Baker, MNHN_EY3427 (deposited in MNHN).


The holotype specimen of Habroteleia ruficoxa  is in reasonably good condition in that the characters used for diagnosis at the species level are readily accessible. The challenge is that the species was described from a single male and in the course of this revision we did not encounter any additional specimens of H. ruficoxa  . The absence of a spine on T8 in the male, the largely smooth surface of the mesos cutum and mesoscutellum, and the notauli weakly indicated by punctures place the holotype specimen well outside of our concept of H. flavipes  , the only other species of Habroteleia  known from the Philippines.