Pinelema liangxi (Zhu & Chen, 2002)

Zhao, Huifeng, Yao, Zhiyuan, Song, Yang & Li, Shuqiang, 2018, Taxonomic study of the Pinelemabailongensis species group with descriptions of six new species from China (Araneae, Telemidae), ZooKeys 784, pp. 7-57: 7

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Pinelema liangxi (Zhu & Chen, 2002)

comb. n.

Pinelema liangxi (Zhu & Chen, 2002)  comb. n. Figs 9, 10, 11, 31

Telema liangxi  : Zhu and Chen 2002: 82, figs 1-7 (♂♀); Chen and Zhu 2009: 1709, figure 3E, M–N (♂♀).

Type material.

holotype ♂ (MHBU), China, Guizhou Province, Qiannan Prefecture, Libo County, Maolan National Nature Reserve: Liangxi Cave, 24.5°N, 100.2°E, 5.XI.1999, H. Chen leg. Paratypes (MHBU): 2♀, same data as holotype. Not examined.

Material examined.

5♂ and 8♀ (including five molecular vouchers, IZCAS) from the type locality, 25°12'N, 108°00'E, 15.III.2011, C. Wang and L. Lin leg.


Pinelema liangxi  resembles P. strentarsi  (see Figs 15-17 and Lin and Li 2010: 23, figs 14-15) but can be distinguished by following characters: embolus curved (arrow 1 in Figure 10D) (embolus straight in P. strentarsi  ), bulb not protruding ventro-subdistally (arrow 2 in Figure 10D) (bulb protruding ventro-subdistally in P. strentarsi  ), and bulb not curved dorso-medially (arrow 3 in Figure 10D) (bulb curved dorso-medially in P. strentarsi  ).


Male palp: Cymbial apophysis light brown (Figure 10C); bulb with a few papillae proximo-retrolaterally (Figure 9B); El/Bl ratio 1.14-1.25 (n = 5, mean: 1.20, Suppl. material 1: Figure S5), Esl/El ratio 0.49-0.51 (n = 5, mean: 0.50, Suppl. material 1: Figure S5). Endogyne: receptacle thin and long, U-shaped (see Figure 11C and Chen and Zhu 2009: figure 3M, N). For more detailed descriptions, see Zhu and Chen (2002).


Because this species shares similar morphological characters with P. bailongensis  , such as the long, tube-shaped embolus (see Figs 9 A–D, 10 C–D and Zhu and Chen 2002: figs 5-6), the presence of a distinct cymbial apophysis in the male palp prolaterally (see Figs 9A, 10C and Zhu and Chen 2002: figure 5), and the U-shaped and medially strongly curved receptacle (Figure 11C), it is transferred to Pinelema  .


The coordinates of the type locality of this species in Zhu and Chen (2002) is wrong because they refer to the place located approximately 700 kilometers from Liangxi Cave. The coordinate information reported here is confirmed by Dr H. Chen who collected type material.


China (Guizhou, Figure 31), known only from the type locality.