Catops Paykull, 1798

Schilthuizen, Menno, Perreau, Michel & Njunjic, Iva, 2018, A review of the Cholevinae from the island of Borneo (Coleoptera, Leiodidae), ZooKeys 777, pp. 57-108: 60

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Catops Paykull, 1798


Genus: Catops Paykull, 1798 


Fairly robust cholevines of sizes that range from just longer than 2 mm to almost 10 mm. Body fairly convex, pronotum relatively large, but usually narrower than the elytra. Elytra sometimes with traces of parallel longitudinal striae. Antennae with the 8th antennomere usually broader than long. In the male, the four first protarsomeres and the first mesotarsomere are dilated; also, the protibiae often are sexually dimorphic. Aedeagus: median lobe usually symmetric, elongated, lance-shaped, terminally rounded, truncate, acute, or two-pronged. Parameres usually thin, hair-like.