Poa minor Gaudin, Alpina 3: 44. 1808.

Ortega-Olivencia, Ana & Devesa, Juan A., 2018, Updated checklist of Poa in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, PhytoKeys 103, pp. 27-60: 27

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Poa minor Gaudin, Alpina 3: 44. 1808.


9. Poa minor Gaudin, Alpina 3: 44. 1808. 

Poa laxa subsp. minor  (Haenke) Hooker fil., Stud. Fl. Brit. Isl., ed. 1: 444. 1870.

Poa laxa var. minor  (Haenke) Fiori in Fiori & Paoletti, Fl. Italia 1: 86. 1898.

Ill. Bolòs and Vigo (2001: 387), Portal (2005: 111, 281).


"Dieses schöne Gras findet man wie das vorige, auf hohen Gebirgen; auf dem Bernhard, auf den Bergen oberhalb Ber und Aigle u. s. w. Bl. im Jul. und Aug.". (Type material conserved in LAU according to Kerguélen 1975, pg. 241).


(July) August to September.


Talus slopes, stony places and fissures of rocks, wet and sheltered grasslands, on limestone and schist; 2000−3350 m a.s.l.


Mountains of S Europe: Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees, Alps, Balkans and Carpathians. N and SE Spain: Cantabrian Mountains, Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada. (And.). Spa.: Ge Gr Hu (Na) O S.

Two subspecies of P. minor  are recognised in the territory encompassed by Flora iberica. A key to their identification is given below:

a. subsp. minor 

Poa supina  Panz. in Sturm, Deutschl. Fl. 34: 1. 1812, nom. illeg., non Poa supina  Schrader, Fl. Germ. 289. 1806.

Poa pyrenaica  Lange ex Willk. in Willk. & Lange, Prodr. Fl. Hispan. 1: 80. 1861, nom. inval., pro syn.

Poa jacetana gr. laxa  P. Montserrat, nom. nud., in sched. (MA 291693), syn. nov.


(July) August to September.


Talus slopes, stony places and fissures of limestone rocks, wet and sheltered high mountain locations; rarely on schist; 2000−3207 m a.s.l.


Mountain systems of S Europe (Cantabrian Mountains, Pyrenees, Alps, Balkans and Carpathians). N Spain: Cantabrian Mountains and Pyrenees. (And.). Spa.: Ge Hu L Na O S. For a representative list of studied materials, see Suppl. material 1.

b. subsp. nevadensis  Nannf. in Font Quer, Exsicc. Fl. Iber. Select. Cent. 3: n. 201. 1935.

Poa laxa  sensu Boiss., Voy. Bot. Espagne 659. 1842, non Poa laxa  Haenke in J. Jirasek et al., Beobacht. Reis. Riesengeb. 118. 1791.

Poa minor var. nevadensis  (Nannf.) Á.M. Hern., Acta Bot. Malac. 2: 35. 1976, comb. inval., syn. nov.

Ill. Fig. 3.


"Baetica: in schistosis montium Sierra Nevada, 1. Cerro de la Alcazaba dicto, ad 3000 m alt., Leg. Font Quer, 28 aug. 1923" (lectotype designated here: "Institut Botanicum Barcinonense / Flora Iberica Selecta / Cent. III Dec. 1935 / 201. Poa minor Gaud. / Fl. Helvet., I, p. 253 (1828). / ssp. nevadensis  Nannf. nov. ssp. / Poa laxa  Boiss., Voy. Bot. Esp., II, p. 659, non Haenke. / Baetica: in schistosis montium Sierra Nevada, l. Cerro de la Alca- / zaba dicto, ad 3000 m alt. Cotypus. / Leg. Font Quer, 28 aug. 1923. / Obs.: Differt a typo foliis tenuioribus, planis; ligulis brevioribus / (2 mm non excedentibus); spiculis angustioribus et longioribus; / floribus distantioribus; glumis valde inaequelibus; gl. I 2-2,5 mm / longis, gl. II 2,2-3,= mm; antheris paulo longioribus et angustiori-/ bus (longit. 1,1-1,3 mm). J. A. Nannfeldt." (label printed): UPS-V-873177, top specimen on the right; isolectotypes designated here: BC 990150, BC 87706, BC 87707; GDA 31029, 31030, 31031; MA 11385; MAF 28595).


July to September.


Pastures and wet stony places in high mountain locations, on schist; (2500) 3000−3350 m a.s.l.


Endemic to SE Spain: Sierra Nevada. Spa.: Gr. For a representative list of studied materials, see Suppl. material 1.