Monographis Attems, 1907

Huynh, Cuong & Veenstra, Anneke A., 2015, Description of a new species of Penicillate Millipede from the genus Monographis (Diplopoda: Polyxenidae) found in Vietnam, Zootaxa 3964 (4), pp. 460-474: 463

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Monographis Attems, 1907


Monographis Attems, 1907 

Type species: Monographis kraepelini Attems, 1907 ( Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin & Condé 1967) 

Diagnosis. Body: 10 segments, 9 pleural projections and a telson, 13 pairs of legs. Eight ommatidia form each eye (the term ocellus was replaced by ommatidium ( Mueller et al. 2007)); 8 antennal articles, the 6 th is the longest and the 8 th is the shortest article with 4 sensory cones. The 6 th antennal article commonly has 3–5 thick bacilliform sensilla among 12–20 sensilla. A row of minute backward-pointing setae is present along the posterior margin of the labrum. The lateral palp of the gnathochilarium is, with 9–11 conical sensilla, 1.25–1.5 times longer than the medial palp. Tergal trichomes are arranged in two latero-posterior groups with a marginal row separated by a central gap in the middle of tergites. A spine is present on tarsus 2. Tarsus 1 has a similar spine, but it is shorter and smaller in size. The anterior setiform process of the telotarsus is present and is less than half the size of the claw. Coxal glands are located on the 8 th and 9 th coxa in the male.