Anthocoris nemorum (Linnaeus, 1761)

Jerinic-Prodanovic, Dusanka & Protic, Ljiljana, 2013, True bugs (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) as psyllid predators (Hemiptera, Psylloidea), ZooKeys 319, pp. 169-189: 173

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Anthocoris nemorum (Linnaeus, 1761)


4) Anthocoris nemorum (Linnaeus, 1761)  

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Cacopsylla affinis   ( Löw, 1880), from Crataegus monogyna   , Ilinci, 27.IV.2008, reared 1♂ 'ex larva' 14.V. 2008. Cacopsylla bidens   , from Pyrus communis   , Nemenikuće, 15.VI.2006, reared 1♀. Cacopsylla melanoneura   (Foerster, 1848), from Crataegus monogyna   , Ilinci, 27.IV.2008, reared 1♂ 'ex larva' 14.V.2008; Klokočevac, 10.V.2008, collected 1♀. Cacopsylla peregrina   (Foerster, 1848), from Crataegus monogyna   , Ilinci, 27.IV.2008, reared 1♂ 'ex larva' 14.V.2008. Cacopsylla pulchra   (Zetterstedt, 1838), from Salix purpurea   , Zlatibor–Kraljevske Vode, 30.IV.2007, collected 1♀ and 1 larva. Cacopsylla pyri   , from Pyrus communis   , Novi Sad–Detelinara, 23.V.2008, reared 2♂♂, 3♀♀ 'ex larva' 4.VI.2008; 14.VI.2008, reared 3♂♂ 'ex larva' 17.VI.2008. Cacopsylla pyrisuga   , from Pyrus communis   , Grocka, 10.V.2008, reared 1♀ 'ex larva' 23.V.2008. Cacopsylla visci   , from Viscum album   , Beograd–Bulevar Aleksandra Karađorđevića, 23.IV.2007, reared 1♂ 'ex larva' 3.V.2007. Psylla buxi   , from Buxus sempervirens   , Vrujci, 1.VI.2009, collected 2♂♂, 1♀; Šid, 3.V.2008, collected 2♀♀; Zemun–Nova Galenika, 4.V.2008, reared 2♂♂, 3♀♀ 'ex larva' 15.V.2008; 30.VII.2008, collected 1♀; 14.VI.2009, collected 2 specimens. Psyllopsis fraxinicola   , from Fraxinus angustifolia   , Beograd–Hram Svetog Save, 14.IV.2008, reared 1♂ and 1 larva.

Anthocoris nemorum   is noted as a predator of many insect species, in the first place Hemiptera   , Diptera   , eggs of Lepidoptera   and mites ( Herard 1986, Wheeler 2000b, Sigsgaard et al. 2006), already registered as a predator of both Cacopsylla pyrisuga   and Psyllopsis fraxini   ( Herard 1986). It is also largely reported as an efficient predator of apple psyllid Cacopsylla mali   in Norway ( Jonsson 1983). In England, Hodkinson and Flint (1971) determined Anthocoris nemorum   as a predator of Psyllopsis fraxini   collected from ash, while in Germany Novak and Achtziger (1995) registered it as a predator of hawthorn psyllids Cacopsylla melanoneura   and Cacopsylla peregrina   . Sigsgaard et al. (2006) note Anthocoris nemorum   as a more polyphagous species than Anthocoris nemoralis   . They also determined in experimental conditions that Anthocoris nemorum   prefers aphids to psyllids, and has a preference for laying eggs on apple rather than on pear.

Anthocoris nemorum   is an Eurosiberian species, introduced to North America in order to control Cacopsylla pyricola   just like Anthocoris nemoralis   , but without satisfactory results ( Herard 1986).

Anthocoris nemorum   is reported here for the first time as a predator of psyllids in Serbia.