Tanycypris madagascarensis (G. W. Müller, 1898 )

Nagler, Christina, Geist, Juergen & Matzke-Karasz, Renate, 2014, Revision of the genus Tanycypris (Ostracoda, Cypricercinae) with the description of Tanycypris alfonsi n. sp., and an identification key to the genus, Zootaxa 3821 (4), pp. 401-424 : 411-412

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3821.4.1

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Tanycypris madagascarensis (G. W. Müller, 1898 )


Tanycypris madagascarensis (G. W. Müller, 1898) View in CoL

( Figs 5E View FIGURE 5 , 6E, 6J View FIGURE 6 , 7B View FIGURE 7 , 8 View FIGURE 8 )

* v 1898 Cypris madagascarensis G. W. Müller : 271–273, pl. 16, 7–13.

1912 Dolerocypris madagascarensis — G.W. Müller: 193.

v 1959 Tanycypris madagascarensis — Triebel: 167–169, pl. 16, 19a. pl. 17, 19b–21. pl. 18, 24–28.

Diagnosis. L = 1.42–1.66 mm, H = 0.57–0.66 mm; greatest width in the middle. Females 0.1 mm longer than males on average. Carapace in dorsal view narrow. Valves asymmetric. RV smaller than LV, LV with an obtuse angle at the joining of the posterior and ventral margin ( Fig. 8A, B View FIGURE 8 ) Dorsal margin weakly arched; ventral margin slightly concave. A1 with Wouters organ and Rome organ and with extremely long setae on the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth segment ( Fig. 5E View FIGURE 5 ). T1 with b and d seta, asymmetric in males ( Fig. 6J View FIGURE 6 ). T2 with very long and strong d, and thin, small d2. CR stoutly built, weakly bent; setules gradually decreasing in length from distal to proximal; Sp very long in relation to the Sp of other Tanycypris species ( Fig. 6E View FIGURE 6 ). Trunk of CR attachment as wide as trunk of CR; cone-like, short vb, slim, sinuous db ( Fig. 7B View FIGURE 7 ). Male hemipenis with a deep incisure in the lateral shield. Zenker organ with 30 rosettes of chitinous rays ( Müller 1898; Triebel 1959).

History. Müller (1898) described Cypris madagascarensis from Majunga, Madagascar, and deposited the holotype [Cat II, No. 24626 (32a)] and several paratypes in the ZMG. Later, he transferred the species to Dolerocypris ( Müller 1912) . Triebel (1959), when erecting the genus Tanycypris , designated Tanycypris madagascarensis as type species.

Similar species. Tanycypris madagascarensis is the largest species of the genus and has a characteristic posterior-ventral angle in the LV. It has a characteristic db on the CR attachment. The Sp on the CR is relatively long and all appendages are strongly built. The setae on all appendages are relatively long. This species cannot be mistaken for other species of the genus Tanycypris .













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