Xyleborus seriatus Blandford, 1894

Gomez, Demian F., Rabaglia, Robert J., Fairbanks, Katherine E. O. & Hulcr, Jiri, 2018, North American Xyleborini north of Mexico: a review and key to genera and species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae), ZooKeys 768, pp. 19-68: 42-44

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Xyleborus seriatus Blandford, 1894


Xyleborus seriatus Blandford, 1894  Fig. 17

Xyleborus orientalis  Eggers, 1933. Synonymy Mandelshtam 2007.

Xyleborus orientalis kalopanacis  Kurenzov, 1941. Synonymy Wood and Bright 1992.

Xyleborus orientalis aceris  Kurenzov, 1941. Synonymy Wood and Bright 1992.

Xyleborus perorientalis  Schedl, 1957. Synonymy Browne 1962.

Type material.

Syntypes; Higo, Japan; BMNH.


Asia; North America (introduced): United States: Massachusetts.


First found in Massachusetts in 2005 and 2006 ( Hoebeke and Rabaglia 2008), X. seriatus  is distinguished from other Xyleborus  by the distinctly impressed area adjacent to the scutellum and the alternating series of longer and shorter setae on the elytra ( Hoebeke and Rabaglia 2008). Both X. orientalis kalopanacis  Kurenzov and X. orientalis aceris  Kurenzov were listed as synonyms of X. orientalis  by Wood and Bright (1992). Mandelshtam (2007) synonymised X. orientalis  with X. seriatus  , without mentioning Kurenzov’s subspecies.