Notodonta ziczac ziczac (Linnaeus, 1758), Linnaeus, 1758

Saldaitis, Aidas, Ivinskis, Povilas & Rimsaite, Jolanta, 2013, Notodonta valeria, a new species (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae) from China, with taxonomic remarks on Notodonta ziczac (Linnaeus, 1758), Zootaxa 3681 (5), pp. 589-594: 589-590

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Notodonta ziczac ziczac (Linnaeus, 1758)


Notodonta ziczac ziczac (Linnaeus, 1758)  

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Phalena venosa Fourcroy, 1785  

Notodonta ziczac monticola Dannehl, 1925   Notodonta ziczac lapponica Dannehl, 1929   Notodonta ziczac dimorpha Rangnow, 1935   Notodonta ziczac reisseri Rungs, 1956  

Material examined. 1 male, Lithuania, Klaipeda distr., v. Karkle 25. v. 2005. leg. P. Ivinskis (prep. OP 1456 m) (coll. NRCV); 1 male, Lithuania, Vilnius distr., v. Kalniskes, 13. viii. 2006. leg. P. Ivinskis (coll. NRCV); 1 male, Ukraine, Transkarpatien, Dorf Wyschka, 15–22. v. 1997. leg. Rutjan (prep. OP 1516 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Hungary, Borzsony,Nagymaros, 16. iv. 2007. leg. O. Pekarsky (prep. OP 1389 m) (coll. OPB); 2 males, UdSSR occ. 300 km S.W. Moskau, Umg Bryansk, Paluje, 14–16. vii. 1985. leg. Einh. Sammler (prep. OP 1510 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Spanien, Prov. Teruel, Arbarr acin, 0 9. viii. 1988., 1100 m, leg. W. Pavlas (prep. OP 1500 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Sardinia sept. Umg. Tempi P., Monte Limbara, 1200 m, 27. vi. 1973. Leg. Laubmeler Sommerer (prep. OP 1501) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, USSR, Kazakhstan, Kurgan region,v. Mostovka, 24. vii. 1984., (prep. OP 1515 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Makedonia, Prilep, 0 2. viii. 1973. (prep. OP 1502 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Bulgaria, Pirin Mts., bez. Sandanski, Liljanowo, 02–09. ix. 1986. leg. F. Eichler (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Bulgaria, Rila, 1200 m.,Rilszki Monastir, Hiza Rybni jezera, 04–05. vii. 1978. leg. I.-P. Gyulai (prep. OP 1503 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Macedonia, Ohrid, 31. vii. 1971. leg. Hollsmder (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Greece, Macedonien, Pontokerasea, 300 m, 0 2. ix. 1985. leg. W. Pavlas (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Greece sept., Macedonien, Disron Mts. 200 m, Umg Kilkis, 21. v. 1982. Leg. G. Behounek (prep. OP 1504 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 2 males, Kleinasien, Prov. Kastamonu, 20 km S. W. Kastamonu, 1300 m, 14. viii. 1983. leg de Freina (prep. OP 1505 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 female, Hungary, Bacs – Kiskun megye, Bugac, 14. viii. 2008. leg. O. Pekarsky (prep. OP 1390 f) (coll. OPB); 1 male, 1 female, Russia, Moscow, Odinzovskyj reg., Schigasovo, 25–30. vii. 2011. leg. P. Morozov (coll. PMM). Throughout its distribution N. ziczac   varies significantly in size, wing pattern and color, however male and female genital structures are generally consistent ( Figs. 9, 13 View FIGURES 9 – 15 ).

Notodonta ziczac pallida (Grünberg, 1912)   ( Fig. 3 View FIGURES 1 – 8 , 10 View FIGURES 9 – 15 )

Material examined: 1 male, E. Kazakhstan, Kara-itysh valley, Akzhan desert, h= 200 m, 20. v. 2006, leg. R. Yakovlev (prep OP 1482 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Kazakhstan, Ketmen Mts., near Tuyuk, 20–30. Vi. 1996. 2200 m. leg. V. Gurko (prep. OP 1481 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 2 males, Kazakhstan, Ili river, 300 m, Dorf bereke, 5–10. v. 1997. leg. S. Toropov (prep. OP 1483 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, E. Kazakhstan, Zyrianovsk, 450 m 10. vi. 1994. Leg. M. Danilevsky (prep. OP 1498 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Kazakhstan, prov. Almaty, Uzunbulak, Kuluktau, 1600 m, 79 ˚02E, 43 ˚08N, 23. vi. 1996. leg. Gy. Fabian & L. Nadai (prep. OP 1499 m) (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, Kirgizstan, Terskey Ala Tau, Orta –Kokpak river, 2400 m., 5.vii. 1993. leg.V. Murzin (coll. MWM/ ZSM); 1 male, S. E. Kazakhstan, Ili river, Bakanas, 2– 6. v. 1997. leg. A. Klimenko (coll. MWM/ ZSM).

This subspecies, described from Central Asia, differs from N. ziczac ziczac   by its paler wing color and wide triangular-formed sclerotization of the valva extending from the costa to the center of the valva ( Fig. 10 View FIGURES 9 – 15 ). Although the authors have not located the types in the MNHU collection, A. Schintlmeister provided slides of a male syntype and an undissected female lectotype specimen of N. ziczac pallida   indicating “Juldus” as the locality. Lectotype, female: designated by Thomas Witt, München, printed, red, square label, hand writing label ( Notodonta ziczac   v. pallida Grünberg (Seitz)), printed type locality label (Juldus), small rosy printed label (origin.), hand writing white label (abgebildet) and yellow printed label (photo by A. Schintlmeister # 2750).

Juldus (now Kaidu He, Xinjiang, West China) is a large, lowland Central Asian river sourced from the Tian –Shan mountains supporting a "tugay forest" of poplar and willow trees. We have studied several specimens from nearby localities with similar habitats (Ili, Orta –Kokpak rivers) and found those specimens matched the type specimens. N. ziczac pallida   is geographically isolated in the Taklamakan desert and Tibetan plateau where it is found along lowland rivers with poplar species and also differs morphologically from high altitude species N. valeria   sp. n.


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