Rosulabryum longidens ( Ther .) J.R. Spence

Spence, John R., 2021, Studies in Austral Bryaceae (Bryopsida). III. A Preliminary Account with Keys to Rosulabryum J. R. Spence in Chile, PhytoKeys 185, pp. 87-98 : 87

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Rosulabryum longidens ( Ther .) J.R. Spence


7. Rosulabryum longidens ( Ther.) J.R. Spence


A common species in the central regions of Chile, from the Bío Bío north to at least Coquimbo, usually on tree trunks and larger branches, stumps and fallen trees in forests, occasionally on soil. The species is characterized by dioicous sexual condition, small leaves, rosulate fertile stems, with numerous rosulate to evenly foliate innovations with leaves spirally twisted around the stem when dry, strong excurrent costa in medium to long awn which is sometimes red, brown to red-brown filiform gemmae in the leaf axils of sterile shoots, and small red to red-brown rhizoidal tubers. Ochi (1982) synonymized this with the Neotropical R. pseudocapillare (Besch.) Ochyra, but R. longidens is quite distinct from that species. The single report from Argentina ( Ochi 1982; as R. pseudocapillare ) needs to be re-examined as it may be a different species, thus R. longidens may be a Chilean endemic. It is the only epiphytic species in the genus in Chile. There are no known illustrations of this species.

Representative specimen examined.

Region VIII, Bío Bío Province, Lago Falls as south side of Laja River, 37°12'S 72°22'W, alt. ca. 170 m, on tree stump, R.R. Ireland & G. Bellolio 34815, 23 Oct. 2002 (MO); Region VIII, Prov. Arauco, Huillinco Falls, 37°45'S 73°22'W, alt. ca. 130 m, on base of large Nothofagus sp., falls and rock cliff in native forests, R.R. Ireland & G. Bellolio 33662, 12 Nov. 2001 (MO).