Hoplomyrmus micans Mayr,

Clark, J., 1930, New Formicidae, with notes on some little-known species., Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 43, pp. 2-25: 20-21

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Hoplomyrmus micans Mayr


8. Hoplomyrmus micans Mayr  HNS  . Storm Creek, four speci-

mens. This has no connection with Mayr's species, but is identical with that subsequently described by Wheeler as Polyrhachis (Campomyrma ) macropus  HNS  (Trans. Roy. Soc. S. Aust., xxxix, p. 821,. 1915). It is widely distributed throughout Central Australia.

' 9. Hypoclinea flavipes Kirby  HNS  . Tempe Downs. Ants from Porcupine grass ( Triodia  HNS  pungens  ). This very distinct species is an Iridomyrmex  HNS  , and identical with ;that subsequently described by Forel as Iridomyrmex rostrinotus  HNS  (Rev. Suisse Zool., xviii, p. 53, 1910, [worker, queen, male). The descriptions of all three forms by Forel are very complete, and it is unfortunate that his name must give way to Iridomyrmex flavipes Kirby  HNS  . It is known as the Spinifex Ant, being so named from its habit of collecting the gum from the leaves of this grass to construct its nest. It is widely distributed, being found wherever the spiniiex grows.