Ostracoberyx dorygenys Fowler 1934,

Andréfouët, Serge, Chen, Wei-Jen, Kinch, Jeff, Mana, Ralph, Russell, Barry C., Tully, Dean & White, William T., 2019, Checklist of the marine and estuarine fishes of New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, western Pacific Ocean, with 810 new records, Zootaxa 4588 (1), pp. 1-360: 126-127

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Ostracoberyx dorygenys Fowler 1934


Ostracoberyx dorygenys Fowler 1934  —Philippine ostracoberycid

Status at New Ireland. New record, based on NTUM11092 (2 specimens, St. CP 4421-14-15, northeast of New Hanover )  ; NTUM11126 (3 specimens, St. CP 4438-5-7, northeast of New Hanover )  ; NTUM 11352 (1 specimen, St. CP 4498-5, northwest of New Hanover )  .

Distribution and habitat. New Ireland: 1.—General distribution: East Africa and Madagascar east to Philippines and New Ireland, north to southern Japan. Demersal, 256–711 m depth. Marine.

Remarks. An additional specimen was collected off eastern New Britain, East New Britain Province, NTUM 12267 (1 specimen, 92.9 mm SL, St. CP4265-13, 04°37’S 152°25’E, 487–550 m depth, R/V Alis, 26 Apr. 2014).