Dichoptera Spinola, 1839

Song, Zhi-Shun, Bourgoin, Thierry & Liang, Ai-Ping, 2011, Review of the Oriental Monotypic Genus Pibrocha Kirkaldy (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoridae, Dorysarthrinae), ZooKeys 132, pp. 1-13: 6-7

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Dichoptera Spinola, 1839


Genus Dichoptera Spinola, 1839  

Dichoptera   Spinola, 1839: 286; Stål, 1862: 487; Kirby, 1891: 147; Kirkaldy, 1902: 50; Melichar, 1912: 41; Metcalf, 1946: 23. Type species: Fulgora hyalinata   Fabricius, 1781; by monotypy.

Clonia   Walker, 1858: 60. Type species: Clonia lurida   Walker, 1858; by monotypy. Synonymised by Stål, 1962: 487.

Thanatophara   Kirkaldy, 1904: 280. Nom. nov. for Clonia   Walker.


The genus Dichoptera   was erected by Spinola in 1939 as one of five dictyopharid genera for the family Dictyopharidae   . A total of eleven species are included in the genus, which is restricted in the Oriental region. The genus Dichoptera   was moved by Emeljanov (1979) from Dictyopharidae   to Fulgoridae   and a taxonomic review on this group is preparing (Song and Liang, in prep.).