Signata nicoli Frizzell & Dante, 1965,

Ebersole, Jun A., Cicimurri, David J. & Stringer, Gary L., 2019, Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the elasmobranchs and bony fishes (Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes) of the lower-to-middle Eocene (Ypresian to Bartonian) Claiborne Group in Alabama, USA, inclu, European Journal of Taxonomy 585, pp. 1-274: 200

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Signata nicoli Frizzell & Dante, 1965


Signata nicoli Frizzell & Dante, 1965 

Fig. 70View Fig I–J

Signata nicoli Dante & Frizzell in Frizzell & Dante, 1965: 709  , pl. 88, figs 3–4, 21, 35.

“genus Ophidiidarum  nicoli – Nolf 1980: 138  , pl. 20, fig. 7.

“ Ophidiida ” nicoli – Nolf 2013: 65  , pl. 124.

Material examined

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Alabama • 1 otolith; MSC 39046View Materials  .


Sagittae primarily of ovate shape; height/length ratio around 70%. Smooth margins. Anterior margin broadly rounded. Anterodorsal slope shorter and noticeably steeper than posterodorsal slope. Dorsal margin quite short, almost straight. Posterodorsal slope incurved, longer than anterodorsal slope.Posterior sharply rounded. Ventral margin broadly rounded, but posteroventral slope is slightly steeper. Smooth inner face moderately convex or inflated, slopes toward the margins. Extremely wide, undivided, long (approximately 98% of the otolith length) sulcus. Very fine incised line marks sulcus. Sulcus extending essentially from anterior margin to very near posterior margin. Very small ostial channel opens on anterior margin (visible on well-preserved specimens). Dorsal margin of sulcus closer to dorsal margin than ventral margin of sulcus is to ventral margin. Dorsal margin of sulcus noticeably flexed upward anterior to the vertical midline of the otolith. Ventral margin of sulcus slightly curved or sinuous. Cristae not developed; no depressed area observed. Ventral furrow absent. Outer face slightly and irregularly concave, commonly sculptured with smooth bosses and rugosities, especially in dorsal area.


The sagitta of Signata nicoli  is very similar to S. stenzeli  , but there are some distinct differences. The flexure on the dorsal margin of the sulcus of S. nicoli  is not nearly as pronounced as on S. stenzeli  , and the ventral margin of S. nicoli  has little or no flexure upward. Additionally, the posterodorsal slope on S. nicoli  is incurved rather than outcurved as on S. stenzeli  .

Stratigraphic and geographic range in Alabama

The singular specimen was recovered from the “upper” Lisbon Formation at site ACh-8. Bartonian, zones NP16 and NP17.














Signata nicoli Frizzell & Dante, 1965

Ebersole, Jun A., Cicimurri, David J. & Stringer, Gary L. 2019

Signata nicoli Dante & Frizzell in Frizzell & Dante, 1965: 709

Frizzell D. L. & Dante J. H. 1965: 709